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Second Life Market Recap 9/14

On the Second Life Capital Exchange (SLCAPEX), SL Reports (SLR) reported an extra dividend today. Yesterday, Dragon Global Diversified (DGD) announced they would have a shareholder meeting Saturday at 6 PM Second Life Time (SLT). Over the past day, Nicholas Portocarrero unloaded around another 300,000 shares of Brautigan & Tuck Holdings (BNT). BNT traded as low as .13. There is a very large sell order of over 460,000 shares outstanding at .20. Kubi Beam is buying up more NDX stock and Dezmond Martinek continues to trade out of SLMS and into ZEN. KLinthoudt Mayo is also accumulating more ZEN.

Allenvest Investment Group (AIG) continues to tumble, down another 25% today to an average trade of .26 after an average trade of .35 yesterday. Personally, I’ve taken a beating on my AIG position, but those loses have been more than offset by gains in other stocks, so all in all, I had another positive day.

AIG, BNT, and NDX have all given up over half their value since I started tracking things the SLCapEx. TNW, on the other hand has more than doubled.

Nothing particularly interesting showed up on my radar on the other Second Life exchanges.

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The continuing quest for the teachable moment

I’ve been writing a lot about the Avery Doninger Civil Rights case over the past few weeks. Besides what I’ve placed on the website, I’ve also contacted various people around the state and the country that should have an interest in finding the teachable moments from this.

One such message was one that I wrote to Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz.

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