Archive - 2004

November 30th

Blog Explosion Stats

For all you BlogExploders, last night, I received my 1000th 'Mystery Credit'. Yay!

November 29th

A Closer Walk

Wednesday is Global Aids Day. This evening I received an email about an important movie, A Closer Walk.
Here is the email:

Weird Spam filters

Over at Diner Bitch is a blog entry about Julia Robert's new son Phinnaeus.

I tried posting the following comment, but it rejected it because it had spam words in it. Maybe we can't use the word 'girl' anymore. Either that or maybe 'wife' isn't okay.

November 28th

50,000 hits

I'm not much of one for dwelling on stats, but...

November 27th

Book Recommendations?

A little over a month ago, on a Blog Explosion blog, Psych Grad Mama asked for some book recommendations. I listed some of my favorites here.

Now, I'm asking for recommendations from the rest of you for a good book for me to read.