Archive - Nov 27, 2004


Book Recommendations?

A little over a month ago, on a Blog Explosion blog, Psych Grad Mama asked for some book recommendations. I listed some of my favorites here.

Now, I'm asking for recommendations from the rest of you for a good book for me to read.

Saturday Morning

From my horoscope today:

"You thought you knew what you wanted, so why is it so hard to make up your mind? If you seem to be veering between multiple personalities, it's only the Stars pushing your buttons."

Well, that fits well. I am being torn in a million different directions right now. My eldest daughter has just left to head back to college. It was great to see her, and I am so pleased about how school is going for her. However, I worry about how to continue to pay for her education, the education of her sisters, keep the house, etc. etc.

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