Upcoming Events

This posts are written over time, listing upcoming events that I hope to attend, write about, or encourage others to consider.

Upcoming Events

Years ago, I used to put ‘upcoming events’ in my blog, about conferences and other events I was attending or was interested in. I have written a post like that in ages. Most recently, I’ve been doing the #rhizo15 stuff and poetry stuff. However, there is a bunch of stuff coming up this weekend that I thought I would highlight.

On Saturday, I will be at Podcamp Western Mass. It is an annual event for me, getting together with friends interested in podcasting, social media and unconferences. Also happening on Saturday:

The Big Draw at the Davidson Art Center at Wesleyan University.

This interactive day invites the community to celebrate drawing in all its forms with workshops for people of all skill levels, from beginners to accomplished artists. The event is organized to encourage creativity, exploration, invention and fun with activities that break down the “I can’t draw” mindset and celebrate the visual arts.

Sounds like fun. I mentioned it to Miranda.

There is also the Fifth Annual Women’s Health Conference at Cross St. AME Zion Church in Middletown, as well as something like three other events in Middletown, (I can’t remember the details on all of them), and a baby shower at the church I go to.

Conference Overload! #InternetWeek #pdf2011 #weitzman #chc2011 #gsmamha #healthapps

Well, next week, is Internet Week in New York (#InternetWeek). There are lots of interesting events as part of Internet Week, and last year, I spent almost all of Internet Week in New York. At the start of Internet Week, there is also Personal Democracy Forum (#pdf2011). In the early days, I used to always make it to PDF, but I haven’t been in a few years. Also, as part of Internet Week is the Digital Publishing and Advertising Conference (#dpac). I almost always make it to that conference.

However, this year, I will be at the 2011 Weitzman Symposium, Designing the Moment: Remodeling Health Care (#weitzman). Of course, if I could clone myself and be at multiple places at the same time, I’d really like to be at Community Health Centres: Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow (#chc2011). They have a neat Social Media Guide for their conference.

If we could throw in teleportation, I’d be at the Mobile Health Summit(#gsmahma) in Capetown, South Africa. If all of this wasn’t enough, I just learned about The Health Data Initiative Forum (#healthapps) being organized by the Institute of Medicine. They are doing something interesting. They are streaming it live and having viewing parties. You can get more information at Calling All Health Innovators: June 9th Health Data-Palooza Live.

So, I’ll catch pieces of what I can here and there.

Upcoming Events - September 2010

It has been a while since I've posted a list of upcoming events. However, this month presents so many great events, it is hard to choose between them.

This evening, I plan on attending the The Grove's Launch Party. I expect to also spend some time talking with folks about Podcamp CT.

Tomorrow there will be the funeral for Connecticut State Trooper First Class Kenneth Hall in Hartford. I am not planning on attending the funeral, however, I am concerned whether it will create traffic problems for my wife or other friends that work near the Capital.

The weekend starts off with the The 2010 Connecticut Folk Festival & Green Expo in Edgerton Park, New Haven, September 10-12th. This includes the CT Folk Songwriting Contest Hosted by Vance Gilbert and a concert by Red Molly Saturday afternoon, and Susan Werner, Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams, and Kathy Mattea all playing in the evening. These are all performers we've come to love from our frequent trips to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.

Also taking place this weekend is the 39th Annual Antique Fire Apparatus Show and Muster at Eisenhower Park in Milford CT from 10 to 5 on September 11th. I used to love going to Firemen's Musters when I was a kid and this year, there are musters across the country on September 11th. I can think of few better ways to remember 9/11 than attend a Firemen's Muster. Of course, one better way just might be the Interfaith Prayer Vigil. Gathering to pray with Christian, Jewish and Muslim brothers and sisters is another great way to honor those who lost their lives in 9/11.

Also on the 11th, the band Spuyten Duyvil will be playing on Long Island

Next week starts off with Digiday:Mobile and Digiday:Social. These are going to be two good conferences and I need to see if I can fit them into my schedule. Yet there is also Back To School Night for my daughter on Tuesday.

Then, on Wednesday, the 15th, CBIA will host Integrating Social Media into Your Business Strategy with Brent Robertson. For those who aren't up on social media and business, it is probably worth the $75 for CBIA members and $135 for non-members. However, if you are interested in attending, you need to act fast. I'm told it is almost sold out.

In the evening, the New Haven Independent is having its Fifth Birthday Bash. I have been a long time fan of the New Haven Independent and look forward to this.

On Thursday, the 16th the United Way of Greater New Haven will have its Campaign Kick Off Celebration.
Also on Thursday, there will be an e-democracy meeting in San Diego which sounds interesting, but is too far for me to travel to.

UN Week is September 20-24th. Mashable will sponsor a Social Good Summit and a Digital Media Lounge as part of UN Week. This sounds especially interesting, particularly the focus on the millennium development goals.

Also during UN Week is the New York Games Conference on September 21st. I've covered this in previous years and I'm trying to decide if I should try and fit it into my schedule for this year.

Immediately after UN Week is the National Conference of State Legislatures National Redistricting Seminar in Providence, RI. Redistricting is an extremely important issue and NCSL runs great conferences and seminars.

I am sure that as soon as I post this, I will find half a dozen other events that I really should try to attend.

So, what do you think? What events should I attend? What events would you like to see me write about? Are there other events that you think I should have on my radar?

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Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

It is said that “time is nature's way of making sure that everything doesn't happen at once”. Perhaps there is something unnatural about the time we live in, because it seems like too many things are happening at the same time.

I like to start off each month with “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit” to bring the childhood hope of a lucky month. As I write my “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit” post, I like to reflect on what has gone on the month before and what is in the cards for the coming month. I might have to be three different rabbits to chase all that is going on, but I remember the old saying, chase two hares, catch none.

Last month was very busy. A lot of my focus has been on Connecticut Politics as there have been conventions going on. Also, Nokia came out with an update for their N900 phone and with the latest news from Google, there has been a lot going on. Through all of this, I’ve been falling further and further behind in my emails.

It isn’t the four hundred unread emails that bother me so much as the dangling discussions that I need to share my thoughts on. Some of my group psychotherapist friends have been discussing conflict resolution and the situation in Israel has emerged as a key theme. Another fascinating discussion is about ‘government relationship management’. This is taking the idea of a customer relationship management system, turning it on its head as part of Berkman Institute’s work on vendor relationship management, adding a little open government and applying the ideas to our political process.

Of course this leads to Personal Democracy Forum which will take place later this week in New York City. Then, there is Internet Week, where I hope to have some interesting discussions about politics and marketing. The America’s Future Now conference, overlaps with Internet Week and it looks like I won’t make it down to DC for that conference this year. All of this is followed by my Thirtieth College Reunion.

Unfortunately, all of these require money in one way or another and that has been in short supply recently, so higher on the list is finding some new consulting contracts.

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This Week In Woodbridge

After a particularly quiet week last week, this week in Woodbridge starts off with a flurry of activity. On Monday, starting at 6 PM, there will be a special meeting of the Board of Selectmen to review department budget requests for FY2011 and to vote on the recommendations to the Board of Finance for the FY2011 budget. At the same time, the Board of Fire Commissions will hold a meeting at the new fire house. This meeting will also be discussing budgets, building use. The EMS Commission is scheduled to start at 7 PM at the Town Hall.

Over at Beecher Road, there are two meetings taking place, both starting at 7 PM. The regular meeting of the Woodbridge Board of Education is scheduled for the Media Center. At the meeting, there will be a report on the monthly enrollment as well as actions on the school district’s participation in the Open Choice Program and the Wintergreen Magnet School.

The board is also scheduled to act on a recommendation of the BRS Town Building Committee to retain Dimeo Construction as the construction manager for the BRS building project. Acting as a committee of the whole, the board will review curriculum issues as well as the strategic school profile.

The recreation commission will meet at the same time at the South Assembly Room. The agenda will cover mostly the same topics as the January agenda, but in a slightly different order.

At the Library on Wednesday evening, starting at 5:30, there will be a career networking meeting. The regular meeting of the Board of Selectmen is scheduled to take place at the Town Hall starting at 6 PM. The Woodbridge Park Association is also reportedly meeting on Wednesday and the Massaro Farm Board is reportedly meeting on Thursday. There will also be a screening of The Time Traveler’s Wife at the library starting at 7 PM on Thursday.

Ending off the week will be The Hoot at Beecher Road School from 11:30 to 3:30. Also, starting at 1 PM on Saturday will be storytelling about maple syrup starting at the public library, followed by a hike in the Alice Newton Street Park.

This will be followed by a Gala Purim Masquerade Ball at Congregation B’nai Jacob in Woodbridge starting at 6:15 PM. Sunday, starting at 3 PM there will be a Purim Carnival at the Jewish Community Center.

(Cross-posted at the Woodbridge Citizen).

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