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It has been a very busy week. I've been spending a lot of time writing blog entries for (Please stop by, read the posts and if you feel so moved, add a comment or two.)

Miranda had her first softball game this week. I've been busy with things for, and I've been trying to get a chance to write a follow up on a few recent blog posts here.

Today, Ed Daniel contacted me about a new site, Disruptive Mice. On first glance it looks very interesting. When the dust settles, I want to spend a bunch of time exploring the site.

More soon...

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Miranda at bat

Miranda at bat
Originally uploaded by Aldon.

Miranda's first at bat for the KLHT Vikings

Miranda on Second

Miranda on Second
Originally uploaded by Aldon.

Miranda got walked. She was advanced to second on a fielder's choice. She ended up getting brought home an

"Love is but a song we sing..."

Back when I was still married to my first wife and my eldest daughter was still a toddler, I attended a wedding in Long Island. I was at an age in my life where there was nothing unusual about attending weddings. I was going to an Episcopalian church where many people my age were getting married. As good Episcopalians we were used to boldly proclaiming the affirmation when we were asked if we would do all in our power to support the new couple.

Most of us moved on from those days in New York City and I wonder how many of my friends are still married and how well all of us have done in our support of these couples.

I had gotten married a few years earlier and like so many people my married life mirrored the married life of my parents. I don’t remember seeing much joy or tenderness in my parent’s marriage and I suspect that neither my ex nor I look back at our marriage as having much tenderness or joy. It isn’t surprising that both my marriage and my parent’s marriage ended in divorce.

The wedding on Long Island could have come straight out of the social register. Two young and extremely successful Wall Street professionals, with great lineage, were getting married at one the finest country clubs on Long Island. So, there I was, a child of Ethan Frome attending a Great Gatsby wedding.

Being a parent

Today, I stumbled across a great blog entry about Terri Schiavo. Courting Destiny has some words well worth reading.

As I read about Terri, I cannot help but wonder what her parents are thinking. The loss of a child, even as an adult, is a horrible thing. When Kim's mother died, her grandmother became very depressed and died within a year. Years ago, I had a coworker whose five year old son was hit by a school bus and I remember her grief.

I wonder what it is like for the people in Red Lake.

It is so common to second guess oneself in rearing a child. "What if I had done something differently?"

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