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Lots of stuff

Check the recent blog entries to the left to see pictures from various events over the weekend. Hopefully, I will write more about these events when I get a few moments.

Also, I set up pages for people to buy gift wrap paper and other stuff for Miranda's and Fiona's schools.

Miranda's school
Fiona's school

One final item. Today, I wrote a new Drupal/CivicSpace module which allows for single signon with a Democracy in Action userid. You can download the module at

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Little babushka Fiona at Kim's Birthday Dinner

Originally uploaded by Aldon.

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Katrina and my friend

A friend of mine lives in New Orleans and has started sending me these emails. I am posting it as is, with personal information editted out.

It's Thursday morning and I finally figured out how to email my entire address book. So, I wanted to let you know that I'm fine and my family (including our two cats and our fish) is fine. We evacuated early (4 am) Sunday morning and have been in Baton Rouge since, staying with friends. We know our house was fine yesterday (two broken windows, no water) but we're not sure what happened once the levees breached (we know the street now is flooded and don't think the water is that deep).

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Before the last revolving year is through….

I kiss Fiona on the head and tell her to sleep well and that I love her. I have just finished reading a ‘Tanya’ story to her. Tanya is a young ballerina. I read these stories to my older daughters when they were her age. Back then, I was making a good salary and I could afford to send them to ballet school. The money is tight and Fiona hasn’t had ballet lessons, but she still has her dreams, and I have some dreams left too.

Kim had sent me in to say good night. A daughter needed her father. That is poignant for me tonight. While Fiona was brushing her teeth we got a phone call that her aunt Mary’s father had died. He had been fighting cancer for a while, so there are the standard comments about it being sad, yet a relief. He died six hours short of Mary’s birthday. Kim’s mother died on Kim’s birthday. It seems parents have a way of doing things like that.

Random Notes

I've been pretty busy recently and this blog has suffered as a result. Things are a little slower today, so let me take a few moments to highlight various things.

I got an email pointing me to the relaunch of Global Voices Online. I encourage everyone to take a brief moment and check out that site.

I also spent some time organizing my pictures on Flickr, some of which make it over to this blog through their blogger API.

When I get a free moment, I'm kicking around various audio blogging, SIP, Skype, podcast, etc. toys. I hope to make comments on that later.

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