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Well, I'm at home today, fighting off a stomach bug that Kim brought back from her vacation. Fighting a cold on a dreary rainy day isn't good for the spirits, and I need to be upbeat for a few friends that are having worse times than I am.

Fortunately, two good things happened in the past couple of days that is helping keep my spirits up. Sometime ago, we were approached by someone who wanted to use our house for a movie they were working on. It never materialized. However, people remembered our house and we have been approached again for a similar project. It is a long shot, but it is fun and exciting.

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A less than quiet week at Orient Lodge

This pretty planet

It has not been a quite week at Orient Lodge. On Friday the 13th, Kim, Fiona and I drove up to Reading, Massachusetts. I was going to Lowell to cover the Massachusetts Democratic State Platform Convention. Kim was leaving for a Mommies’ Meeting. (More on this later).

I had press credentials to cover the convention and put up a few posts about what went on. Subsequently, there has been a great discussion over at Blue Mass Group. I wish I had time to join in the discussion in more detail, but time has been pretty cramped.

The Wayside Inn

Monday evening. I am sitting on an antique bed at The Wayside Inn in Middletown, VA. I left this afternoon to drive down to Staunton, VA to pick up my eldest daughter from college. I am still about eighty miles away, but her classes don’t end until tomorrow at noon so I’ll drive leisurely down to the campus. Then we’ll bum around campus for a little bit as she does her final tasks and says goodbye to her classmates. I hope to get back on the road to Connecticut sometime in the afternoon

I’ve pushed the schedule up a little bit so that I can be home in time to get to Mayor DeStefano’s 50th Birthday party on Wednesday which I am eagerly looking forward to.

Mapping the wonderful world of blogging

Greenwich Time is planning to run an article on blogging this coming Sunday. I spoke with Neil Vigdor a bit about the article and my wife pointed him to Energy Outlook, which is a great blog about energy issues written by a friend in Greenwich.

A photographer stopped by to take a picture of me, with my blog. Since I am paid for working on the DeStefano blog, I had that up in the background. He asked about the software that I was using and it became clear that he knew what he was talking about. It turns out that he has a blog.

How the world is.

"White dawn. Stillness"

I remember when I first heard those words intoned.

This is College of Wooster. This is my freshman year. The year is nineteen hundred and seventy-seven. Denise Levertov is speaking at the installation of Henry Copeland as the college's ninth president. I am mesmerized as I hear her read "A Tree telling of Orpheus", and like the tree, I too am changed.

Years later, I read "Chekhov on West Heath"

"This is Hampstead. This
is Judge’s Walk. It is nineteen hundred
and forty-one.
The war? They take it for granted;
It was predicted while they were children,
And has come to pass. It means
no more ballet school, Betty is ill,
I am beginning to paint in oils.

The war is simply
how the world is, to which they were born.
They share
The epiphanies of their solitudes"

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