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A historical perspective on mommy blogging

Today, as I blogged surfed, I came across this rant about the New York Times article about ‘Mommy Blogging’.

I posted the following comment there, and I am narcissistic enough to share it here.

Lake Wobegon, CTY

It is a bright and beautiful day out. The sky is clear and everyone squints against the sunlight bouncing off the newly fallen snow as they bundle their jackets up against the cold. If this were Minnesota, I would half expect to hear Garrison Keiller voicing droning on a monologue about a quirky neighbor of mine. I, of course, would never expect to be viewed as the quirky one.

But this is Connecticut, not Minnesota, yet the gathering of the neighbors fits so well with the tag line of Lake Wobegon. This morning, Miranda is taking the Plus test. The Plus test is administered every year by Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. It is a ritual for us since Mairead took her first test five years ago. It is a test for those children that are ‘above average’, to use Garrison’s words.

Random links

I’ve caught up on my emails and have gotten a chance to visit a few interesting websites. So, here are a few worth checking out:

Alzheimer's: Living With An Impostor. After Kim’s grandfather’s battle with Alzheimer’s battle with Alzheimer’s, I really appreciate reading this site.

Kim’s brother has a massive fascination with sharks, so this movie seems like a must see.

Finally, with all the discussions about ethics of bloggers and the DNC race, this blog entry puts it all into an interesting perspective.

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