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Aldon Hynes, aged 40, is the director of technology for a financial firm in Stamford, CT. He has been using computers since the late sixties and has been involved with the Internet since the early eighties. Having been retained in a management consultancy role by various companies he has worked with over the years, he has undertaken over the past decade a formal training in group relations and participated actively in conferences in this field, drawing on his earlier interest in philosophy, which he studied in college years.

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CoVision Capital Bio

(From CoVision Capital,

Aldon M. Hynes
Chief Technology Officer

43, served as Director of Technology for the $2 billion hedge fund, S.A.C. Capital Advisors, from 1997-2000. In that role, Aldon held primary responsibility for all aspects of information technology supporting the firm’s primary high-volume, short-term equity trading strategy as well as fixed income, international, statistical arbitrage, risk arbitrage, currency and commodity trading strategies. From 1992-1997, Aldon was Vice President of the Union Bank of Switzerland with responsibility for developing technology for desktop trading systems, servers and internet applications for the bank’s North American business unit. Aldon developed the structuring system for collateralized mortgage obligations at Shearson Lehman beginning in 1987 and was appointed Head of Mortgage Technology at Smith Barney in 1989. Prior to his move to Wall Street, Aldon consulted as a systems developer for a number of Fortune 500 companies including AT&T, Bell Labs, IBM and Exxon. Aldon studied Philosophy at the College of Wooster. Aldon lives in Stamford, Connecticut and is married with three children.

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