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Aldon's Latest Headshot

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My Social Networks

Today, I receive an email inviting me to join I'm on many online social networks, so I thought I would provide a few comments about them here.

I've been on Ecademy for a long time. It is based on an early version of Drupal, and is a pretty good group of people. It has a strong focus on ebusiness and particularly in England.

I've been on Ryze for quite a while as well. It seems very business oriented, particularly in the States. A lot of people are on both Ryze and Ecademy.

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MOO Description

aldon is metaphysical vagabond working as a baggage handler the airport of the emotionally challenged. He has a keen interest in technology, group dynamics, philosophy, literature, finance. He has dirt under his finger nails from too much gardening.
aldon has replaced his "Researcher" Pompom hat with a red, white, and blue turban. He still wears a Scarlet "R", and some weird combination of triangles indicating that he is a gay Jewish Researcher.
aldon is now also wearing a Howard Dean in 2004 button.
aldon is wearing his Official MOO Crew Badge. aldon is wearing his wedding ring.

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Activist Technology Bio

Old Guard, Hardcore Geek.

Aldon Hynes

Aldon Hynes first started programming computers in the late 60's. In the early 80's as a consultant to Bell Labs he first got on the Internet.

Most of his career has been providing information technology to Wall Street firms. During his time on Wall Street, Aldon became interest in the group dynamics of organizations. In particular, he is interested in Group Relations tradition of Wilfred Bion and Tavistock, how this all relates to group psychology and especially how it plays out in online communities.

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