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Orient Lodge is an eclectic news site focusing on Politics, Technology, Media, Social Networks, Marketing, The Arts, Connecticut News as well as stories missed by more traditional outlets.

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About Aldon

Persona is a function of context, and my online persona is multifaceted. Instead of trying to present a single coherent online persona, I have instead copied bios from different sites into this site. By looking at all the entries in the 'Bios' category you can form a more complete view of who I am.

The earlier version of this is available at Aldon's Bio

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Wordless Wednesday

Portrait, originally uploaded by Aldon.

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Online Social Media Bio

Aldon has been using media socially since he shared his coloring books in kindergarten and fought over sections of the Sunday New York Times at the beach house in the Summer.

He’s been online since the 1970s on various bulletin boards, posted on Usenet since the early 1980s, built web sites and participated in virtual environments since the early 1990s.

In 2003, Mr. Hynes helped with DeanSpace a project to build software and websites for Gov. Dean’s 2004 Presidential bid and written chapters for a couple books about the experience.

Since then, he has helped politicians, non-profits, corporations and others use online social media tell their story online.

Mr. Hynes has been credentialed to cover many conferences and events from the 2004 Democratic National Convention to Online Marketing Conferences and Group Psychotherapy conferences. He has blogged about these experiences and many other topics on his blog, Orient Lodge.

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I had been encouraging people to contact me via iNames, =aldon.hynes on 2idi, or @ahynes1 on 1id.

You can also send me emails at aldon dot hynes at orient dash lodge dot com.

Or, if you use BlogCatalog, or MyBlogLog, you can send me messages there.

Here is my contact information as an hCard

Aldon M Hynes

815 Fountain St

Woodbridge,CT, 06525 USA

203 298 0814


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