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A while ago, Uptimebot somehow found Kim's campaign website. I started playing with Uptimebot and found that I really like it.

One interesting thing I discovered checking statistics for this site. Yahoo has found 17 backlinks to this site. MSN and Altavista have both found 16 backlinks to this site. Alltheweb has found 12.

Google has not found any, even though I am using Google Ads.

My Social Networks

Today, I receive an email inviting me to join I'm on many online social networks, so I thought I would provide a few comments about them here.

I've been on Ecademy for a long time. It is based on an early version of Drupal, and is a pretty good group of people. It has a strong focus on ebusiness and particularly in England.

I've been on Ryze for quite a while as well. It seems very business oriented, particularly in the States. A lot of people are on both Ryze and Ecademy.

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Technical possibilities in new age

This is a draft of an article that was published in a special edition of the Journal of Group Analytics, March 2002.


There is little doubt that the Internet will continue to have an increasing effect on social interaction in the new millennium. Yet the Internet remains widely misunderstood. It is seen by many as merely a new technology of communication. However, it is in point of fact many different types of medium, offering a rich array of enhancements to the forms our communication can take, and about which considerable research has already been done. This research is useful for the Group Analyst in preparing for the technical possibilities of the new millennium. This article will define the uses of the Internet, including the benefits, challenges to overcome and issues involved, then discuss some of the specific applications that can be made from a fuller understanding of group processes on the Internet, with the aim of focusing on the many new opportunities for growth in all aspects of group-analytic psychotherapy.

Keywords: Internet, large group, technology, members, group processes

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