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Shoot the messenger!

(Originally published in Greater Democracy)

As a blogger that received press credentials to cover the Democratic National Convention, I found myself being interviewed by members of the mainstream media, including the Wall Street Journal. One of the big topics was dealing with bias. Many bloggers, myself included, wear our biases on our shirtsleeves, or often in the form of political buttons. I am no exception. The argument goes that if you are up front about your biases, people reading what you write can adjust for them. However, if you pretend they aren’t there, and strive to be as unbiased as possible, you will still have your biases slip through. The other side of the argument is that no matter how unbiased you really are, people will attack you for being biased, and if you have been maintaining you are unbiased, they will call you a liar/

October surprises

A lot of people I’ve been speaking with spend a lot of time talking about October surprises. Will the Bush administration miraculously find Osama Bin Laden this month? Will the United States launch a pre-emptive attack on Iran? Will Cheney have heart troubles and have to be replaced by a Republican that hasn’t aliened as many people, such as McCain or Guilliani? I’m not really expecting any of these October surprises.

However, my life has been made up of October surprises, and it seems like this is as good a time as any to reflect on them. This morning, my wife and two of my daughters went to Riverbank Park to help the North Stamford Association. Riverbank Park seems to be one of those places high school students go to have parties on the weekends.

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Hard Work

My post debate spin:

Bush repeatedly spoke about it being 'hard work'.

It is hard work telling the truth to the American people.
It is hard work getting other countries to work with us.
It is hard work establishing a plan that fights terrorism and makes the country more secure.

It is about time we elect someone who isn't afraid of hard work.

It is about time we elect John Kerry.

Why Write, redux.

(Originally posted on the Ryze Blogs and Bloggers tribe)

“Why Blog?” is a topic that seems to be kicking around a lot recently. Jock Gill asked that question over on Greater Democracy. Andy Coote asked “Why write?” to a group of people who are oriented towards business blogs over at Ecademy.

I wrote a reply, mostly to Jock’s question at my blog, Orient Lodge..

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Creating Political Maps, Part 2

Over the past several months, I have been running a website, which lists various progressive candidates. As the list has grown, I’ve been looking for ways to improve the navigation of the site. I set up a simple clickable map so you could click on a state to find specific candidates. I have expanded this to be able to click on the district level, for example,

I wrote about my initial attempts at this here. As I mentioned then, people had suggested that I check out Mapserver. In theory, it is supposed to work with IIS. However, when I tried using it with IIS on my server, no matter what I did, I kept getting, “CGI Error
The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers. The headers it did return are:”

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