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Amity High School Peace Vigil

Amity High School Peace Rally, originally uploaded by Aldon.

This evening, around sixty people gather at Amity High School in Woodbridge Connecticut for a peace vigil. Two of the things that made the vigil so important to me was that it was organized by high school students and that after the vigil we all talked about additional things we can be doing to stop the war; sort like a twenty first century teach-in talking about blogs, and Facebook and Rapid Response networks.

For other pictures of the vigil, click here

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Gannett buys Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Time

The other day, Genghis Conn, from Connecticut Local Politics wrote about The Greenwich Time and the Stamford Advocate being sold to Gannett. He worried about how the papers would fare and I spoke about my optimism for the papers. He asked me why and I gave a brief comment there. Let me take a few moments to expand on those comments.

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The continuing saga of the Connecticut Judiciary

When I came back from live blogging the Libby trial deliberations in Washington DC, I thought perhaps I would be done with blogging about the judiciary for a little while. I did not expect to find myself reading what I have been reading about the Connecticut Judiciary.

Meanwhile, back in Connecticut

After spending most of the week live blogging the Libby Trial deliberations in Washington DC, I arrived home in Connecticut early this morning. I want to write up some my experiences in DC, but first, I wanted to check to see what is going on with the Ken Krayeske trial. A quick scan of online sources causes me to pause, and instead reflect on the state of the judiciary in Connecticut.

I don’t want to come off as any sort of ‘expert’ on the role of new media in coverage of judicial proceedings. It probably takes a lot more than four days as a blogger at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, but that is probably four more days and a lot more thinking on the subject than most people in Connecticut.

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The value of cameras in the courtroom

I am sitting in the Federal Courthouse in Washington DC, waiting for a verdict in the Libby trial. I’ve just gotten back from lunch where I sat with a few people from CourtTV. I told them the story about Ken Krayeske’s arrest, hoping to stir up a little interest in the case. One person, however, mentioned that Connecticut doesn’t allow cameras in its courtrooms.

It seems like this is another topic that folks at MyLeftNutmeg might want to start talking about with their State Representatives and State Senators. Does anyone here know what the rules are about cameras in the courts in Connecticut and how to go about opening up the Connecticut courts to cameras?

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