Advent Reflection - Putting Herod back in Christmas

I just received an email with a great reflection entitled: Putting Herod back into Christmas.

"Herod represents the dark side of the gospel. He reminds us that Jesus didn't enter a world of sparkly Christmas cards or a world of warm spiritual sentiment. Jesus enters a world of real pain, of serious dysfunction, a world of brokenness and political oppression."

The contrast of Herod is what brings Christmas into sharp focus. Please read the whole reflection, and have a Merry Christmas.

Assorted News

Click on Read More for details about blog reviews, statistics, legal cases about the RNC demonstrations in New York, the civil rights of Muslims, and MPAA v SupraNova and what it means for Bit Torrent and Blog Torrent.

Tagging Events

One of the great things in DeanSpace was the ability to load events from Dean for America into DeanSpace websites via a patched RSS feed. The folks at CivicSpace, the follow on to DeanSpace, have been looking at how this can be done in a more generalized way.

With my work with the Center for Online Investigative Research, I stumbled across the the IPTC’s EventsML. On that mailing list, was a pointer to Scott McMullan’s blog where he has an entry entitled Google/Internet Archive, Meet Mr. Event

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Drupal and Media Wiki

I've been playing with both Drupal and Media Wiki quite a bit recently, and even have an installation or two where I have Drupal and Media Wiki using the same database.

In CivicSpace there is a module, dkosfilter which allows you to easily link from Drupal to dkosopedia, a popular Media Wiki based wiki. Some people had asked for a way to link to wikipedia, another very popular Media Wiki based site.

A little levity

I've spent a lot of time today working on packaging an open source project. It was challenging, and a tad mind numbing at times.

So, this evening, I checked out Sigmund, Carl and Alfred to help gain some much needed perspective.

They have a wonderful entry about online quizes.

Inspired by their post, I have created my my own quiz. Take it, have fun.

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