Quick Update

I am heading to a conference in DC for the next couple of days, so there is a good chance that I won't be updating this site, or responding to emails.

Also, I've had a lot of problems with my site being slow because of various links that I had in the lower left corner (SiteMeter, Flickr, etc). I've turned off all of that stuff for the time being. I may turn it back on later. We'll see.

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Celebrating the Inauguration

Today is the inauguration of George Bush to his second term and I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to say about it. Around the country, there are vigils against the war. Some people are vowing not to spend any money today. Some websites are wearing black today as a sign of mourning.

I believe that Bush’s foreign policy, economic policy, and domestic policies have significantly damaged our country. They have damaged our reputation abroad, they have created massive governmental debt and they have loosened the protections that are so important to our citizens. I see no reason to rejoice about the re-election or ‘honor’ what George Bush has done.

Inside CT Politics 01/20/05

I have just received an email from a member of the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee confirming:

DSCC met last night to elect new officers-

Chairman: Nancy DiNardo replacing George Jepsen
Vice-Chairman: Rep. Steve Fontana replacing Dot Mrowka
Secretary: Barbara Gordon
Treasurer: Emma Pierce replacing Ella Cromwell

The new term begins February 1.

I'm excited about the new leadership, and I wish them well.

Wednesday: Politics, Technology and Media

Today, Kim is testifying before the Government Administration and Elections committee in Hartford on electoral and campaign finance reform. You can see the text of her testimony here.

This makes me a WAHD, (Work at home Dad) today. I'm getting a few things done, but will need to be toddler taxi service shortly.

Playing with Technology

Yesterday, I met with a venture capitalist about some financial services software. On the way to the meeting, my car broke down. With all of that, I started the day a few hundred emails behind. I managed to catch up a little bit, but then I met with Lars Toomre

I worked with Lars starting back in the 80s and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. I introduced him to SmartCampaigns including CivicSpace and Media Wiki He is starting to set up his site, and I’ve gotten a few new ideas worth kicking around.

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