Being a parent

Today, I stumbled across a great blog entry about Terri Schiavo. Courting Destiny has some words well worth reading.

As I read about Terri, I cannot help but wonder what her parents are thinking. The loss of a child, even as an adult, is a horrible thing. When Kim's mother died, her grandmother became very depressed and died within a year. Years ago, I had a coworker whose five year old son was hit by a school bus and I remember her grief.

I wonder what it is like for the people in Red Lake.

It is so common to second guess oneself in rearing a child. "What if I had done something differently?"

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Easter 2005

I caught up on my emails, spent some time with my family, worked on a few work proposals, but haven’t had a good opportunity to sit down and write. There is so much to write about; primaries, new books, how my children are doing in school, my own concerns about next steps in my career. Yet, it is Easter, and that sets the tone.

This morning, I sat on the hard wood of the church pew and looked at the colored light streaming in through the stained glass hitting the rock wall. The altar was covered with Easter Lilies and I closed my eyes. It was a moment out of Proust. The smell of the flowers struck me like the taste of a madeleine cake. It was the fragrance of resurrection.

Possible Lieberman Challenger

Today, I received the following press release concerning a possible primary challenge to Senator Lieberman. I am in the process of writing a long post about political primaries. That should be up soon. Until then, please consider the following:

Terri and Sun

Some months ago, Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred praised my blog for being willing to enter into a well thought out dialog about political issues. They also pointed to My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and Maxed out Mama.

There are many topics worthy of political debate right now. What should be done to make sure that Social Security will remain as vibrant and effective forty years from now, as it is today? How do we make sure that elected officials, such as Tom Delay, Lamar Smith or Tom Cole behave ethically? How can the situation in Iraq be improved two years after the invasion? Where should the money be spent in State and Federal budgets?

Dashit 1999-2005

The final years of the twentieth century have a tendency of blurring together in my mind. I was working in a high paying and very stressful job for a large financial institution. My marriage was falling apart. I tried to hold the pieces of my old life together while finding new pieces for what was to come.

One part of my old life that stayed with me through the transition, and is still with me today is The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. I have been going to Falcon Ridge just about every year since 1994. During this time of transition, I went to Falcon Ridge with my two daughters. It was a great time listening to the music and dancing. It was 1998 or 1999.

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