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I am about to head up to Boston where I will be leading a workshop on blogging at the Grassroots Use of Technology sponsored by the Organizers' Collaborative. I don't know what my connectivity will be like, or how much time I'll have to write.

However, with all the stuff that has been going on, I doubt my writing can be less frequent than it has been so far this month.

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Getting centrists to sound more progressive

(Originally posted at Greater Democracy)

Yesterday, I wrote a blog entry comparing The Scream to The Kiss. The timing was opportune. Last Wednesday, Joe Lieberman spoke to the Democratic State Central Committee in Hartford. Friday, my wife and I had coffee with the Senator and on Sunday, the Senator gave my wife a kiss, reminiscent of the kiss the Senator received from President Bush.

Since putting up my blog entry, I’ve gotten comments, emails, and phone calls from people all over the political spectrum. Several people have pointed me to the article in the Journal Inquirer, which asks, “Is U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman getting a bad rap”?

The Scream and The Kiss and Decency

(Originally published in Greater Democracy)

A little over two years ago, as our country was marching towards war, my wife and I found ourselves getting involved in politics supporting a candidate that stood up for opinions contrary to the prevailing opinions of the time. He was a man who stood for decency and spoke his mind. Over the following year he went from being an asterisk to being the superstar front-runner.

It is an oversimplification to speak of Gov. Dean’s campaign as being an anti-war campaign and it is an oversimplification to speak of The Scream as the one media event that took him down. However, it is important to look closely at The Scream and think about what really happened there.


Today, I received the following press release from John Orman, who has set up an exploratory committee to consider challenging Joe Lieberman in a Democratic Primary.

I am rushing off to other events, so I am posting this as is. Comments are, of course, welcome.

Being a parent

Today, I stumbled across a great blog entry about Terri Schiavo. Courting Destiny has some words well worth reading.

As I read about Terri, I cannot help but wonder what her parents are thinking. The loss of a child, even as an adult, is a horrible thing. When Kim's mother died, her grandmother became very depressed and died within a year. Years ago, I had a coworker whose five year old son was hit by a school bus and I remember her grief.

I wonder what it is like for the people in Red Lake.

It is so common to second guess oneself in rearing a child. "What if I had done something differently?"

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