There ought to be a law...

No sooner had I posted a comment on a forum about the famous $250 Neiman Marcus Cookies, than I got an email pointing me to this site.

New Legislation Would Ban Urban Legends

By Brian Briggs

Washington D.C. – A new law proposed by a bipartisan group of Representatives would outlaw the spread of "urban legends."

Pushdown stack overflow


Okay. So, I have over 400 messages in my inbox. There are 66 discussions I am behind in at the Online Social Networks conference.

Lots of people want help with their websites or CivicSpace modules. All of this is either unpaid, or people have said that they will pay me some nominal amount sometime in the future. I need to find a real source of income. I need to catch up on all my online activities. I need to spend time with my family. I am this close to hitting 'Delete all unread email' and 'Mark all discussions read'

OSN Tuesday morning posts

Following are extracted comments I have made over at the Online Social Networks forum. While they are missing the full context, I have edited them so that enough context should be available.

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OSN Entry on Tools for Online Activism

Here is a post that I just contributed to the Tools for Online Activism discussion at the Online Social Networks 2005 conference. Comments are greatly appreciated.

This, too, is what Democracy looks like

The sun shone brightly through the beautiful stained glass windows. The light passed through intricate woodworking to create ornate shadows. Members of the Retired Men’s Association with their thinning white hair and blue or gray blazers slowly filled the pews. Members of the Democratic Town Committee showed up as did folks from numerous other groups.

It is Lincoln’s Birthday, 2005 at Christ Church Greenwich. We don’t celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday much anymore and it isn’t a typical day to be in church, but is an important day to be there.

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