Participatory Democracy

I’ve been pretty busy with the DeStefano campaign recently, and haven’t been writing here as much as I should. I have been struggling with whether or not to put posts from the DeStefano campaign here, the way I have put posts to other sites. So far, I haven’t put many such posts here.

However, today, I will include one of my recent posts. As many of you know, we spent last weekend at Falcon Ridge, a folk festival we go to each year. As I sat and listened to the music, I thought a lot of participation in politics and participation in music. I hope to write more on this soon.

Draft Marge

I just checked and the is available.

What am I talking about? Check out this blog post

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Random Notes

I've been pretty busy recently and this blog has suffered as a result. Things are a little slower today, so let me take a few moments to highlight various things.

I got an email pointing me to the relaunch of Global Voices Online. I encourage everyone to take a brief moment and check out that site.

I also spent some time organizing my pictures on Flickr, some of which make it over to this blog through their blogger API.

When I get a free moment, I'm kicking around various audio blogging, SIP, Skype, podcast, etc. toys. I hope to make comments on that later.

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Fiona on a pony

Fiona on a pony
Originally uploaded by Aldon.

Fiona riding a pony at the North Stonington Fair

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Bridgeport Free Shakespeare 2005

As you like it.

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