Connecticut Municipal Elections

Over on Connecticut Local Politics is a blog post about the upcoming municipal elections. I started to write a comment there, but my browser crashed, so I figured I would start over and write it as a full post on my site.

These are some of the races I’m particularly interested in:

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Bayh and Roberts

I am on a mailing list of people supporting Sen. Evan Bayh for President in 2008. Yes, I know that it is early in the process and I am not supporting anyone yet, just trying to get information.

On the mailing list, there has been a discussion about Sen. Bayh's decision to vote against Roberts to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Here is my response:

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A virtual donut

Years ago, I took an online course, Grief in a Family Context. It is a reference point for me, something I keep coming back to. I wrote about it back in January when I stumbled across some blogs I really liked.

I referenced it a few days ago when I learned about kielle. Today, I refer to it again as I talk about another writer whom you really should read.

I’ve mentioned Gina Coggio in this post. She is a school teacher in New Haven that writes very moving pieces about her life and the life of her students.

I took the grief class about five years ago. I remember concepts like disenfranchised grief and anticipatory grief. I remember talking about how different cultures handled grief and how my classmates had approached grief in their own lives. Most of all, and I don’t remember if this was from the class, from discussions with other students, or from my own experiences with people in their grief, I remember the phrase, “bring donuts”.

It was the advice of an old priest who had counseled many people during their times of grief. He had found the most important thing was to “bring donuts”. Sit with people. Share with them. Don’t try to tell them you "know how they feel", "you’ll be over with it soon", or "just snap out of it". Just sit with people, and bring donuts.

So, for Gina and Brinn and for all of Kielle’s friends, her is a virtual donut.

March Recap

Here is a post that I put up on Blog for America.

Today, hundreds of thousands of Americans gathered in Washington to express their displeasure with the current administration, it's policies in Iraq and the horrible effect those policies are having on people across America. We will be able to read about it in the newspapers and watch it on TV soon enough; however, the soundbytes of demonstrations—like the soundbytes of politicians—do not adequately reflect what really happens.

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After the march

I am at the BBQ at Hypatia’s. I have checked the photo of Joan Baez. It is small and blurry. However, the audio post of her singing, “Where have all the flowers gone?” came out pretty well.

Melissa Berger is here and we are talking about her campaign. I have just spoken with Kim and we’ll be putting up a post on Blog For America, so I’ll post this, and get to the BFA post shortly.

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