Today, I got an interesting email. It was from Margie Ware in Williamstown, Massachusetts. She had read my blog post about the Massachusetts Democratic State Platform Convention and had heard from someone that I had grown up in Williamstown.

We have sent a few emails back and forth in which I acknowledged growing up in Williamstown and she has pointed me to her blog, MargeBlog. I started reading the most recent post. It is about having coffee and stopping at the Post Office on Spring Street. I remember going down to Spring Street. I remember the Post Office. I remember the discussions that would happen as you ran into friends and neighbors on the street. It is a great post.

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Random Home Stuff

Well, I'm at home today, fighting off a stomach bug that Kim brought back from her vacation. Fighting a cold on a dreary rainy day isn't good for the spirits, and I need to be upbeat for a few friends that are having worse times than I am.

Fortunately, two good things happened in the past couple of days that is helping keep my spirits up. Sometime ago, we were approached by someone who wanted to use our house for a movie they were working on. It never materialized. However, people remembered our house and we have been approached again for a similar project. It is a long shot, but it is fun and exciting.

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Playing with GeoURL

So, I'm trying to dig through the 800 emails that have piled up over the past week and a half. I'm not declaring email bankruptcy yet, but I'm close. I'm trying to get through the emails as quickly as possible, but some of them just require a little exploration.

Over at CivicSpace, there is a discussion about mapping users and developers. I've always liked playing with the ICBM and geo.position Meta tags. I use them to list my sites at

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Promoting sites and books

Today, I got an email by a writer from Iowa promoting his books. I haven’t read any of his books, but his email was well written and I would encourage you to check out his website,

I also received an email from Strengthen the Good. Strengthen the Good highlights small charities that are not well known. I encourage every to read the Strengthen the Good blog, as well as read about The Tom Family.

Also, as a member of the Media Bloggers Association, I have received a review copy of Developing Feeds with RSS and Atom by Ben Hammersley.

A less than quiet week at Orient Lodge

This pretty planet

It has not been a quite week at Orient Lodge. On Friday the 13th, Kim, Fiona and I drove up to Reading, Massachusetts. I was going to Lowell to cover the Massachusetts Democratic State Platform Convention. Kim was leaving for a Mommies’ Meeting. (More on this later).

I had press credentials to cover the convention and put up a few posts about what went on. Subsequently, there has been a great discussion over at Blue Mass Group. I wish I had time to join in the discussion in more detail, but time has been pretty cramped.

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