I am at SXSW spending a lot of time thinking about the raw unfiltered aspects of blogs and balancing it with the need to protect people's privacy.

I am getting ready for my panel on technology and democracy and want to clear my head. I am spacy from lack of sleep.

I briefly checked my email to find that a person whom I love very much has just suffered a major failure. It is around writing, which I also love, and it is around problems that I've spoken with this person about it the past, including some fairly specific suggestions that I encouraged her to act upon, but I don't believe she ever did act upon.

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So, where am I?

It is Monday about 8 am in Austin Texas. I write this partly as a chance to ground myself. I’ve been all over the place for the past several days, meeting diverse collection of people and this post will recount a little bit of these travels.

Transformative Democracy

It has been over a week since I have written a blog entry at Orient Lodge, and much long since I have written anything for Greater Democracy. However, there has been a lot brewing in my mind and hopefully this long post will pull together many thoughts on how democracy can be more participatory and deliberative in the age of Internet technology.


Today, I received an email pointing me to a picture of Winston. He came in third place in the Equine Ideal: Summer 2004 Online Photography Contest. Scroll down and look at the picture of Winston.

Now, let me tell you the story about Winston. Years ago, Kim took riding lessons from a man named Alex. Alex is in his mid eighties and still runs his small little horse farm. A few years ago, they heard about United Pegasus's PMU Foal Rescue.

A PMU foal is a horse that was born so that its breeders could extract a hormone replacement drug called Premarine from the pregnant mares. The foals are just an unneeded byproduct and the life is pretty miserable for both the mares and the foals.

Quote of the Day

Blogging is not a luxury, it's a civic responsibility.
Christopher Rabb

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