Bring them home now, New Haven

Yesterday, Kim, Fiona and I attended the Bring Them Home Now Tour as it stopped in New Haven Connecticut. I was feeling a little ill and I rested as Fiona and Kim handed out leaflets about the Connecticut Progressive Democrats of America and Mayor DeStefano’s Gubernatorial campaign.

There were other groups there as well. Someone left a card for Connecticut Citizens for Sound Government on my windshield. They are a great group that registers voters and helps get out the vote.

Lots of stuff

Check the recent blog entries to the left to see pictures from various events over the weekend. Hopefully, I will write more about these events when I get a few moments.

Also, I set up pages for people to buy gift wrap paper and other stuff for Miranda's and Fiona's schools.

Miranda's school
Fiona's school

One final item. Today, I wrote a new Drupal/CivicSpace module which allows for single signon with a Democracy in Action userid. You can download the module at

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Reform Democrats

(Originally published in Greater Democracy)

What does it mean to be a ‘Reform Democrat’? This is a question that has been talked a lot about since last November and has been getting more discussion as we go through municipal primaries and head into municipal general elections this fall.

To some, it is a very tactical issue. We need a DNC chair who will do X. We need a blogosphere that will do Y. To some, it is a message of opposition, opposition to the abuses of power by the extreme right wing Republicans.

To others, it is about returning to key parts of the Democratic message, from FDR to Clinton. I always come back to the about section of Greater Democracy. There, we talk about things like ‘democratic governance’ and ‘how new communications technologies support democracy’.

Yes, I am a techie and a hardcore democrat. To me, this idea of being a democrat, and I am using a small ‘d’ very intentionally, is in contract to being an autocrat or a theocrat. It is about a belief that we are all in this together, that everyone should have a voice that can be heard, that we are at our best when we are working together to help one another out. It stands in stark opposition to “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

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The convergence of television and the Internet

Geoff Fox has an interesting blog entry about TV and the Internet. He says a lot of interesting things that I want to comment on:

I hate to say something good about a competitor, but… Personally, I think it is good to say good things about competitors. It is part of being the good sport we were always told to be in gym back in elementary school.

It is interesting to watch the direction of TV news and the Internet. This gets to the crux of the post that I want to talk about. He has several points that I want to comment on.

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Social Dreaming

Years ago, I worked as the member of a regional Chief Information Officer’s staff unit for a large international financial services corporation. The complexity of international matrix management led my to work with a management consult who had been schooled in the Group Relations tradition of Wilfred Bion.

Through this, I became acquainted with the work of W. Gordon Lawrence on Social Dreaming. I participated in several social dreaming matrices, some of which where online. In a social dreaming matrix, people would share their dreams and others would share their associations to the dream. You will note that I said associations, not interpretations. The idea is not arrive at some sort of group consensus about the interpretation of a specific dream but to uncover common themes in the dreams of all the participants and what these common themes might mean to everyone.

I have not thought about social dreaming in a while. My life has been busy and complicated and I haven’t been to any social dreaming matrixes in quite a while. For that matter, I have not been remembering a lot of my dreams.

Then, last night, I had a very vivid dream. I woke up from the dream with a sense of peace that I haven’t had in a long time. I am posting the dream here, for anyone to share associations with, including comments about similar dreams that they have had. If there is interest, this could even evolve into a blog based social dreaming matrix. I look forward to hearing people’s responses.

The Dream:

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