News Headlines

I just glanced at the top news headlines on Google:

DeLay in first court appearance
Shark Attack Victim Describes Ordeal
Woman accused of throwing her sons into SF Bay pleads not guilty

It sort of feels like one of those essay questions you get in school. How are these three stories related?

Homeless Children International-Kenya, Updates

Over the past couple of days, I’ve received to emails from Megan White who works with Homeless Children International-Kenya.

There were four pictures which can be seen here, here, here, and here.

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Playing with Technology

So, today, I set up Flock on my laptop. I couldn’t set it up on my main PC, because my main PC is still running Windows NT 4.0 which Flock won’t run on. Yeah, someday, I’ll get around to an upgrade.

I created a post using flock. Works pretty much the same way that Flickr does. No biggie there. Then, I enabled it to communicate with for sharing bookmarks. That looks pretty cool. Perhaps I’ll play with that a little more.

It would be nice if it would also talk with Bloglines. I’ve been using Bloglines more than these days since Bloglines has a nice way of letting me know when entries have been updated that I don’t see in

The Poverty Blog Project

(Originally published at Greater Democracy)

How will we fight poverty in America? Senator Edwards is going around the country in his Opportunity Rocks college tour. He is speaking to students about the need to raise people’s awareness of poverty in America so that we can address this problem.

He speaks about how Hurricane Katrina has shown the ugly face of poverty to people who have too long believed that poverty isn’t a problem. He has speaks about the need to keep this in people’s minds, to keep the attention from shifting back to other things.

He spoke about Robert Kennedy’s visit to Appalachia and how that helped get people to focus on poverty. As he spoke about this, I thought about the Freedom Riders. I have been talking about how we need a new generation of Freedom Riders with a new generation of tools.

Speeding State Reps.

Driving home this evening at about 9:30 on the Merritt, I was riding along in the right hand lane. In front of me, the car was doing about 53 and I was looking into the left hand lane for my opportunity to pull out and pass. In the left hand lane, a car was doing about 60. My chance to pull out and pass would come soon.

Then a vehicle comes barreling up the left hand lane and flashes his lights at the car doing 60. It pulls ahead of the car in front of me and the vehicle that flashed its lights is gone down the road.

I dislike aggressive driving like that, and if this had been more egregious and my wife was with me, she might have called 911 and reported the vehicle.

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