Homeless Children, International - Kenya

Back in May, I wrote about Homeless Children, International - Kenya.. Yesterday, I received an email from Megan White, which I thought I would post here:

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CT Dems Fundraiser with Gov. Dean

This evening, Kim, Fiona and I went to a fundraiser for the Connecticut Democratic Party with National Party Chairman Howard Dean. Of course, Fiona had to have her photo op. You can see her photo here. You can see the other photos here.

All of the usual suspects were there. There was some friendly banter between Gov. Dean and Congressional candidate Diane Farrell over who Fiona liked better. Fiona is over at her grandparents’ house and is not available for comment.

I wore the ‘Blogger’ shirt that Kim had embroidered for me. Early on, one person asked how I knew if my blogging was having any sort of effect. I said I didn’t really know. I can measure the number of times pages on my blog are accessed, or how many different Internet addresses they are accessed from, but I can’t tell for sure what sort of effect this was having. What matters is that people get ideas and then they talk with other people about these ideas. However, for the rest of the evening, people came up and spoke with me about reading my blog.

State of the Heart

On September 26, Joe Salvati wrote a blog post about his efforts to get life insurance. He and his wife were expecting their first child. Things didn’t turn out the way he expected. Since then, he has been writing blog entries about his journey, with a wonderful audio post by his wife yesterday.

I don't know Joe. I found his blog in my search for Connecticut blogs. I'm glad I found his blog and read his posts. You really should go read through the blog entries and listen to the post by his wife.

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Blogging the Supreme Court

I was just nominated for the Supreme Court. We need a blogger on the bench!

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Connecticut Municipal Elections

Over on Connecticut Local Politics is a blog post about the upcoming municipal elections. I started to write a comment there, but my browser crashed, so I figured I would start over and write it as a full post on my site.

These are some of the races I’m particularly interested in:

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