Monday’s Random Stuff

Unread emails: 221. Unread blog posts: 5226. If you knock out the 4600 from the Progressive Blog Alliance, it isn’t quite so daunting. Health: Marginal. Fiona has been fighting a cold and I’m run down and a little congested.

Recent webpages that have caught my eye: Naomi sent an email about this video. Check it out. Nandi Plunkett is a junior at Mount Greylock, where I went to high school.

Blogging the Lamont Gathering in New Haven

This morning, many of us went to hear Ned Lamont address a group of potential supporters at the New Haven Public Library. Early on, I counted over 70 people and quite a few people showed up after I counted, so my guess is that we really had between 80 and 100 people there.

Quite a few bloggers where there. BranfordBoy from My Left Nutmeg was there. He put up this diary. BranfordBoy also posted about it in a DailyKos diary

Maintaining Social Ties

The other day, Kim pointed out to me a large dent in the hood of the Prius. Based on the location, I believe it is from the branch that bounced off the car about a week ago when I was driving home from dropping Miranda off at school. I had thought that the branch hit the windshield and bounced off. Looking at the dent, it seems that a very big branch hit the hood and then bounced off the windshield as I drove on. I figure if I had of been a few moments earlier, it would have hit, and smashed the windshield.

One of the impatiens that Fiona brought home from school last year has been sitting in a kitchen window ever since. It has now started blooming again.

Campaign Emails

You know, I get a LOT of campaign emails. I gather them, read them , inspect them, and generally spend a lot of time thinking about what makes a good campaign email. Today, I got a what I consider a great campaign email, which I am including below.

Random stuff online

The other day I mentioned Caffeinated Geek Girl’s blog entry about Leukemia. Today, I got an email from a former coworker who is participating in The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training. Please visit his site and contribute.

While I’m plugging online fundraising pages, please stop by at Mitch Fuchs page for his fundraising bike ride for Breast Cancer Research.

I also wrote this blog entry about the latest issues with the Federal Government trying to get Google’s search records. A lot of people have been writing about this. Recently, Lars Toomre has a blog entry about searching for nude teens growing marijuana.

I also received an email about an IRC Conference that the folks at Global Voices Online is organizing for “anyone who is interested in how the blogosphere can set up systems to respond more systematically and even more quickly to disasters”. It will be Wednesday at 9 AM EST on the #globalvoices channel on Unfortunately, I won’t be able to join in, but I hope some of you will.

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