TNW joins the Grid Race

Yesterday, Lex Fitzcarraldo of TNW Designs and Real Estate (TNW) announced their successful test of their own grid. They said that they ran fifty regions from an existing server. In the discussion, they confirmed that they are running OpenSim and discussed having custom work done to handle issue s like currency, which OpenSim does not yet support, or the importing of assets from other regions.

How will this compare with the efforts of Central Grid which is focusing on bringing Second Life businesses into alternative grids? How will this relate to DeepGrid? OpenLifeGrid and people running their own personal grids?

Back in September, I wrote 1994 all over again about the emergence of new grids. Now, they are emerging and the new grids need to demonstrate their unique selling points. It will be fun to watch what emerges. To keep track of emerging opensim based grids, keep a close eye on the OpenSim Grids wiki page.

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Don't just blog about it, do something!

Yet again, I'll step into my role as the old curmudgeon that has little use for the bickering little hit diaries that go back and forth here on DailyKos, or even for the campaign diaries pushing a particular candidates position on one issue or another. We need to get beyond the circle of DailyKos. We need to be in the streets.

The Obama campaign did a great job of getting people to the caucuses in Iowa. The Edwards campaign's message beat out the Clinton message, even though he was vastly outspent. What we need is everyone to step away from the computer, and get out and phonebank, canvas, do visibility or whatever else you can to get the best agent of change elected.

Me? I'm staying with my brother-in-law in Hanover, NH. I wrote a blog post about my activities yesterday on BlueHampshire. Mike Caulfield writes about phonebanking with John Edwards' parents. Mike Hoefer writes about Obama supporters phonebanking in New Hampshire. AJ WI has a DailyKos diary about canvassing in Derry, NH.

The mainstream media is picking up on this as well. The Hartford Courant has an article up about Jeff and Adam Talbot heading up from Connecticut to campaign for Edwards. The Talbots where incredible Lamont supporters back in 2006.

So, whomever you are supporting, get out and campaign. It is a blast, and this is a great opportunity to work for real change, whichever change agent you think is best. I'll be offline for the next several hours as I canvas, but I hope to get a chance to write more in the evening.

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Two New Hampshires: Canvasing for Edwards

Yesterday morning I rolled off the futon in my brother-in-law's basement in Hanover,NH and prepared to go canvasing. We gave Fiona the day off so she could play with her cousins and got a little bit of a late start as we worked out the play schedule. We had been told to help at the Claremont campaign office. The office manager was glad to see us. He's a young guy from North Carolina fully of energy and working hard to deliver as many votes for Edwards as possible. Like in Iowa, the Edwards campaign is being outspent something like five to one. Dan said that the Hillary campaign had five staffers covering Sullivan county and had recently brought in a bus and two fifteen people vans full of volunteers. Outside, there were Hillary and Obama supporters doing visibility. Sullivan County looked like it might be a hard place to canvas.

Kim's New Hampshire relatives call Claremont 'Brick City' because of all the old brick mills in town. Would the message of a son of a mill worker resonate in an area where so many mills have been closed? Dan asked us to go canvas in Newport. Newport is the county seat of Sullivan County. According to ZipSkinny, a great site that extracts census data based on zipcodes, Newport (03773), has a population of 7649. The median income is $38,573. .4%, or about 30 people, have incomes over $200,000.

As we went door to door, we met a mother with a bad back worried about about how she would provide for her daughter, a man fighting jaundice worried about his health care, and people concerned simply about getting by as their income slipped further and further behind. We met people that desperately need someone that will fight hard for them against the corporate special interests. There were a lot of people still undecided and we had some great discussions.

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More Second Life Stock Market Turmoil

Disruptions abound in the Second Life Stock Markets. The World Stock Exchange, (WSE) is shutdown for software upgrades. At this moment, the AnCapEx's DNS servers appear to be offline and the exchange is unreachable. I had hoped to lead with 'AnCapEx surpasses WSE in volume", but that isn't the case.

Over at the L and L Bank and Trust, LLBT, I checked to see how their brokerage is doing. Over 42,000 shares of BNT have been traded there over the past week. It would seem like LLBT might be a good option for trading shares of companies on exchanges that are currently inaccessible. However, LLBT has suspended trading in BNT, as well as ten out of the thirteen companies they make markets in. At first glance, it looked like they were suspending trading in stocks on the WSE and AnCapEx, but looking closer, they've suspended trading in YEP which is still actively trading on SLCapEx and in MED which is still actively trading on VSTEX.

Meanwhile, Second Life Newspaper is reporting that three non-executive directors have resigned from WSE, at Luke's request and SL Reports has written about LLBT acquiring 8 Dragons bank.

So, VSTEX and ISE have now joined SLCapEx in surpassing WSE in volume, and if AnCapEx can address their technical problems, they may do so to. WSE may gain back some of the volume when they come back online, but their reputation is further tarnished.

John Edwards returns to New Hampshire

Fiona campaigns with her candidate for 2008!

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