Josh Wolf to be freed

I've just heard that Josh Wolf is being released. Josh has spent a record amount of time in jail for refusing to comply with a grand jury request for his testimony about videos that he shot. He has released the video on his blog.

There are plenty of interesting links on the blog, as well as quite a discussion about the case.

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When Kim and I first started dating, Kim’s mother was still alive, battling cancer. It cast a tint on everything we did. When Kim trotted me out on the obligatory, “new boyfriend tour”, we visited some of her oldest and closest friends on Cape Cod.

These were people that we could talk openly and honestly with. On the porch in the evenings, we would joke about how people talked about Kim’s mother’s cancer. They would always say "cancer". By this typographic notation, I’m trying to indicate the way they said it. They would lean their head forward, look both to the left and the right to make sure no one else was listening, or could hear, and then say in an urgent loud whisper, the word cancer.

You see, for many of them, cancer isn’t a word you can say normally. It is similar to "vagina". Perhaps this is, in part, because of the cancers we seem to hear the most about are breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostrate cancer and colon cancer.

After six weeks, the cancer took Kim’s mother. A few years later, our good friend on the Cape had her own serious battle with cancer. She blogged about her experiences, and you could see there, the difficulties that people had talking about cancer.

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Just in: I just received a voicemail from the Office of the President at Cingular Wireless concerning my complaint about them blocking my calls to a specific number in Iowa. They were calling to let me know that they have unblocked that number.

Is there more to this story? Anyone who has any other information about the battle between AT&T and, please let me know what you are hearing.

(For those who don’t know the back story, check this story and this story.)

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Palm Sunday

Every year, I hear the story of the Passion and I would think that over time, I would know it so well that there I wouldn’t hear something new. But yesterday, as we heard the story of the Passion be told again, a simple phrase that I’ve probably heard hundreds of times before jumped out at me. In Luke 22:45, we hear, “At last he stood up again and returned to the disciples, only to find them asleep, exhausted from grief.”

For some reason, I’ve always thought of the disciples falling asleep on the Mount of Olives as being from shear physical exhaustion. It was late at night. They were probably tired. They had come a long way to Jerusalem. Yet the phrase exhausted from grief jumped out at me.

Is this exhaustion from grief which caused the disciples to sleep somehow similar to the exhaustion from grief that leads us to “relax” by watching shows like CSI, Law and Order, Crossing Jordan, 24? (See my previous comments on this in America’s Next Top Model.

Yes, the grief of Holy Week is exhausting. The grief of being a nation at war, and the grief of 9/11 is also exhausting. The grief of families struggling with chronic illnesses, with desperate financial situations and so many other griefs are also exhausting. The question is, how do we best make it to Easter?

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Edwards raises in excess of $14 million

On a conference call with reporters and bloggers this afternoon, Campaign Manager Jonathan Prince and Finance Director Jennifer Swanson reported that for the first quarter, the Edwards campaign raised in excess of $14 million dollars. The exact number of donors was not available, but it is greater than 37,000 donors, which is a preliminary number of online donors. The final number is likely to be around 40,000 donors.

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