Whose woods these are, I think I know, the signs on the trails say “BRLA”. There are pictures of horses on the trail signs and various jumps along the trail. A little searching brings us information about the Bedford Riding Lanes Association. It was a little searching that brought us to this walk in the woods.

I’ve been frustrated by the amount of time that I spend in front of the computer, reading and writing emails, and trying to stay on top of the blogs. I’ve been wanting to get away from words for a little while. So, we decided to go on a family hike. Kim searched for good trails nearly and the Beaver Dam Sanctuary caught our attention. Fiona has been fascinated by beavers ever since seeing Narnia.

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Why read blogs?

This evening, I finally managed to catch up on unread emails. I have dozens of them that I need to respond to. With that, my blog reading has gotten way behind. My Bloglines account has nearly 10,000 unread blog entries for me to get through. Many of them will end up unread. With that sort of backlog, it is easy to come to the question, ‘why read blogs?’

This evening, I read a blog entry that asks a different question that seems to me to be intricately related. In Gina Coggio’s most recent post, A Message for Woodbridge she writes about having her students respond to a question that a student teacher at Amity was asked, “If slavery happened so long ago, why do we still have to study it?”

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A Senator to Nowhere?

Recently there have been stories going around about party brass calling other party officials encouraging them to support well-funded incumbents because these incumbents will be able to give more money to coordinated campaigns with people further down the ticket.

I know that it takes money to run successful campaigns, but does this seem just wrong to you? It sure sounds a lot like the whole problem in Washington with folks like Abramoff and Delay. Money for votes, buying influence.

It is my hope that the rumors are false, or at least that party officials are standing up and telling the party brass that they are damaging the party. We need to support candidates based on their positions and how strongly they lead on these positions.

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Can you hear me now?

Perhaps that is the real question that needs to be asked right now. Can you hear me now?

Over the past couple days I've read hundreds of emails, blog posts, and comments about Paul Hackett. Everyone has their opinion that they want heard, and so do I. So, here I go.

You know, we always seem to get back to key issues about what it means to be a progressive and how can we make sure our vote is counted. Well, let me take a slightly different approach on this, and I'll hopefully tie it back to what has happened with Paul Hackett.

We can argue about whether key components of a progressive platform includes ending the war in Iraq, improving access to health care, providing better education, restoring fiscal responsibility to Washington or other key issues. However, I'm going to suggest that there is a much more crucial issue, which is where the locus of power resides.

Friday Five

There is a tradition, out here in the Blogosphere, to ask five questions on Fridays and get as many people to blog their answers as possible. One good place to look at this is the Friday Five community on LiveJournal.

I’m not sure if Gina was acquainted with this tradition when she wrote The 5 Who Changed My Life, but she followed wonderfully in that tradition.

Gina is a schoolteacher who took time to reflect on the five schoolteachers who changed her life. Following that example, let me add my five to the list.

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