Video Updates: and Fiona talking about Monsters.

Slowly, I’m moving more into the realm of video blogging. This evening, I made a brief clip of Fiona talking about Monsters. I put it up on YouTube, which is where I’ve been putting a lot of my videos. This is in part because the Ned Lamont group there is so strong.

However, friends have been encouraging me to do more with Blip.TV. The complaints about YouTube are that they have some weird legal language about ownership of the videos, they don’t support RSS, video podcasts, or the ability to get the video out in any usable format.

I had tried Blip.TV before with mixed success. It used to require a separate step to create the thumbnail, but it handles that better now. I’m still having problems with its connectivity to my Drupal based site. I also wish they would be a little more accepting of Windows formats. They don’t like ASF files, which is one of the few formats that my primitive tools can generate. I can save things in MPEG-1, which is about twice as big as the ASF format I can use, so I’ll probably just have fairly short videos on BLIP.TV

However, it does work nicely with It has a nice RSS feed which I’ve subscribed to in Bloglines and with iPodder.

Blip.TV also supports movlogging, and I’ve set it, and Kim’s camera up for that. I’ll give it a test a little bit later.

So, I currently like YouTube for the community, especially Ned supporters, but I’m really liking Blip.TV More updates as I play more.

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Political Narratives, Dead Cats, Lame Ducks and the Expectation Game

(Cross Posted at Greater Democracy.)

Columbia Journalism Review Daily Traces the Birth of a Narrative. They talk about how cable news reporters and pundits are questioning whether the tide is turning for Bush. They comment, “How are they answering themselves? It's a mixed bag. But if a question gets asked often enough in the media, the answer begins to (almost) not matter. And before long the question mark is dropped entirely and a narrative is born.”

They sum up the discussion with “And there it is, in the blink of an eye, so fast that you might have missed it: A narrative is born.”

I lived on a sailboat for several years and one thing you learn on a boat is that the tide changes four times a day.

Another phrase that people use is if Bush is experiencing a “bounce”. Here, I go back to my experiences on Wall Street. When a market has experienced a sharp decline, similar to how Bush’s approval has declined, everyone looks for any positive uptick. The question that always gets asked is if we are experiencing a market reversal, or if the uptick is merely a “dead cat bounce”.

This goes back to the old saying in investing that even a dead cat will bounce if dropped from high enough. When a market experiences a dead cat bounce, there is a brief respite from the downward trend, but the downward trend resumes before you know it.

Is Bush a dead cat? A lame duck? Perhaps the emergence of another narrative gives us a little insight into this. Staying with the Wall Street focus, today’s Wall Street Journal asks, Will 2006 Reprise 1994? This question keeps getting asked and as with the other narrative, ”the answer begins to (almost) not matter”

The narratives feed into another part of the political process, the expectations game. If Bush can claw his way back to only 40% perhaps, Republicans think, maybe they can change the other polls about a plurality of voters thinking we would be better off if Democrats controlled Congress. Of course this 40% is a low expectation compared to Clinton’s 48% approval rating in 1994.

Yet all of this still stays with the horse race narratives. We really need to be talking about narratives around how we will get back to having a government of, by, and for the people.

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Like Joe is so Emo

(Posted over on my MySpace blog)

Okay, so, like Im 46 years old, and maybe youre wondering what Im doing here in MySpace.  You know, Im kinda wondering that myself.  But some friends told me about this great video call Hope is Emo.  Its like so moving and everything.  It about Words dying and some really heavy stuff like that. 

So, I asked my daughter, who is like REALLY smart, what Emo is.  And she started talking about how people who are Emo are really whiny and act like theyre really self important by saying all kinds of stuff, but they dont really think theyre all that important which is why what they say is so whiny, and things like that.

And I started thinking to myself, is Emo just for kids, or are there older folks that are all Emo and everything.  If any of you say that I am Emo I am going to be SOOOOO MADDDD!!1!! 

You know who I think really is Emo?!?!?   Joe Lieberman.  Like when he says I know some of you may not agree with me Cant you just see some teenage girl in her room typing that?  I mean like, yeah.   Or when he gets all pouty because someone is challenging him to be Senator.  Sure, I know a real Emo would never get to be a Senator, but sometimes I wonder how Joe got to be Senator too, like really. 

And now hes whining that if the Democrats dont think he should be Senator, hell try and find some other friends.  Hes probably IMing every Republican he can right now.

So, I guess Emo is alright and all that but do you really want an Emo Senator?  You should check out Ned Lamont.  Hes like so together and everything.

And if you think I really suck at all this Emo stuff and MySpace and everything like that, why dont you go out and do a better job of showing how Emo Joe is?  Why dont you set up a Personal Fundraising Page for everyone on MySpace to contribute to?

Maybe Ill just go and write my stuff elsewhere.

My kind of boat race

Today, the Personal Fundracing pages for Ned Lamont have launched. The graphic being used is of a boat… “Rock the Boat!”. You can see the current standings on the signup page.

However, since we have some fun graphics, I thought I would present a graphical depiction of the race, showing the two boats that have gotten off the starting line, as well as my own boat.

As more people get off the starting line, I’ll update the list of boats. The amounts will update automatically.










Beginning filming

A month ago I wrote about ‘Shooting our own Dream Dozen’. This was an idea I had about trying to find a replacement for West Wing, based on candidates for local office. As I worked on the Lamont campaign and saw volunteers making their own videos about Ned, it struck me that we should all be out making videos of our favorite candidates and sharing them online.

Based on this, last night, I recorded Frank Farricker as he addressed the Greenwich, CT Democracy for America group. You can see it here.

It doesn’t have the drama of West Wing, but maybe some future videos will. Meanwhile, I hope to be putting up videos of other State Legislative candidates. Hopefully, some of you will too. If you’re really interested in this, I’d encourage you to check out the Citizen Filmmaking track at the Media Giraffe Project Conference at University of Massachusetts on June 29th.

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