I spent a very long day at an ingress event in Boston and am writing the blog post from the back seat of a car heading back to Connecticut. (Not sure of I'll be home before midnight. )

It was a good day and I hope to provide details and statistics on a later blog post

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A Day of Rest

It has been a very long week. Jury duty. Early morning and late evening meetings. Dealing with car issues. I got a few new books I’m eager to dig into. So, I’m thinking, what is a good day of rest? I could stay home, sleep, and read. I’d probably end up doing a dump run and various chores.

Instead, assuming I have the energy, I’ll drive up to Boston. The drive isn’t especially restful. Then, I’ll walk around parts of the city for several hours with a bunch of friends playing Ingress. I play a little bit of Ingress every day, so it wouldn’t be that big a change of pace, but it will be something different.

It probably won’t leave me a lot of time to write tomorrow, so we’ll see if I can get more reading and writing done on Sunday.

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The Samuel Baldwin Memorial Ingress Portal

The cars zoomed by
the large rock
with the rusting bronze
and the small American Flag
planted by the D.A.R.

No one,
except for the town historian,
an avid genealogist,
who served on the school board,
knew anything
about this
revolutionary war
the first cousin
of her fourth great grandfather
on her mother’s side.

But now,
late at night
young men with cellphones
stop beside the monument
a twenty first century
game of war.

Note: This was written for a writers prompt to describe a landmark. I took a different angle on this and described the landmark, first in terms of the actual, someone obscure landmark, and then brought in aspects of the game Ingress, played on cellphones, in which landmarks are ‘portals’ in the game.


Between jury duty, preparing for an Ingress Event this weekend, health care events, dealing with a car issue, and not getting enough sleep, I’m pretty run down, and am going to just put up a simple blog post without much content.

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Jury Duty

The flag pole stands
in the city park
amidst trees
longing for forests

surrounded by three story
brick buildings
out of a low budget
or a nineteen fifties
about the American Dream.

Out of the windows
of a dingy old
court room
potential jurors
waiting for their moment
to serve justice.

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