Meanwhile, back in Connecticut

After spending most of the week live blogging the Libby Trial deliberations in Washington DC, I arrived home in Connecticut early this morning. I want to write up some my experiences in DC, but first, I wanted to check to see what is going on with the Ken Krayeske trial. A quick scan of online sources causes me to pause, and instead reflect on the state of the judiciary in Connecticut.

I don’t want to come off as any sort of ‘expert’ on the role of new media in coverage of judicial proceedings. It probably takes a lot more than four days as a blogger at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, but that is probably four more days and a lot more thinking on the subject than most people in Connecticut.

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Playing Pictionary?

“all rise”

Good afternoon….

Umm, the reason I had you come back is because someone in the jury has asked if someone can have a dictionary. I need to explain why…

While we try to use common language, sometimes words have a legal connotation.

So, if people have questions about what a word means, they need to ask me.

The jurors were not happy on Monday to come into the court, won’t be happy today either because they aren’t dressed up. They aren’t dressed up today… Do you want me to call them in
(loosely transcribed)

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Walton to address jury at 4:30

At 4:30, Judge Walton will be addressing the jurors. They it is believed that he will be dismissing them early today. There have been talks about a note, but no details. Rumors are that it is about scheduling. There had been unsubstantiated speculation that the jury will not be deliberating tomorrow based on an overheard discussion of someone overhearing someone from the defense team saying to one of the court clerks, “See you on Monday”.

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Breaking late lunch Libby trial news, not

We have now learned that there is a flood in the court cafeteria. Will this interfere with the cookies that the cafeteria has been sending up everyday? If so, would that make a verdict more, or less likely? It isn’t clear. People continue to joke around, to try and find anything to pass the time. The verdict is now predicted to come out during Anna Nicole Smith’s funeral during a down pour in Washington.

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Product Placement in Jury Requests

It has now come out that yesterday at around 3:30 in the afternoon, the jury sent another request for supplies: "We would like another big Post-it pad. The large one for the easel."

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