The Gigantic Foreclosure

It seems like an unlikely movie plot. A Wall Street technology executive, who started on Wall Street writing programs to analyze mortgage backed securities, moves to the suburbs and buys a unique hundred-year-old home. After living there for a few years, his marriage falls apart. His career takes a nasty turn, and he struggles to find a new job on the Street. He remarries and spends his time writing and getting involved with politics. He names his blog after the unique house. He gets credentialed as one of the first bloggers at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He writes a novel for National Novel Writing Month, and as the housing market collapses, he is forced to sell his house in a foreclosure auction.

As he tries to straighten out his financial woes, he gets a call from a movie scout that would like to use the house for a romantic comedy. There isn’t a lot of money in the deal, not enough to bail him out. They want to film just days before the foreclosure auction.

At this point, suggestions on the way the story plays out with the filming and the auction and any humorous twists would be appreciated. I would much rather see this play out as a romantic comedy closer to the style of Woody Allen than a tragicomedy in the style of Zola. However, I can wait. The filming is scheduled for Wednesday and the auction is scheduled for Saturday.

You see, while this sounds like a very unlikely movie plot, it is the current real life twists and turns of my current life.

The movie turns out to be Gigantic, “A comedy centered around a mattress salesman and the young woman whom he meets at his store.” It stars Zooey Deschanel and Paul Dano, with John Goodman, Jane Alexander, Edward Asner and others. One article says that Dano plays “Brian, a depressed mattress salesman whose quest to adopt a Chinese baby is sidetracked when he falls for Happy (Deschanel)”. Another article reports, “Asner will play Dano's pot-smoking, gangsta rap-loving father, and Alexander plays his mother. Goodman plays Deschanel's brilliant but domineering father.”

Gigantic, originally uploaded by Aldon.

As best as I can tell, there is a family reunion, which will be filmed at Orient Lodge. The family is going hunting, or something like that. One person said that family is going mushroom hunting together and everyone takes magic mushrooms before hand.

So, if everything goes fine, they will finish filming at the house a couple days before the foreclosure auction. I have no idea what will happen at the foreclosure auction. It would be great if things work out in such a way that covers a large portion of the outstanding debt, but we shall see.

Foreclosure Notice, originally uploaded by Aldon.

So, Gigantic sounds like a fun movie. The plot might seem a little unlikely, but it probably seems more likely than the plot of my life and we shall see how the two plots intermingle.

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He is Risen!

The Lord is risen indeed, Alleluia! It is the Episcopalian Easter greeting that has become core to my Easter experiences. This Easter did not bring as much Easter joy as other years. Some of it may be the pressures of all that is going on in my life. Other parts are simply because I think I’m fighting a virus. When I wasn’t at Church or eating with Kim’s parents, I was mostly sleeping and will head off to be shortly.

However, I wanted to try and get a blog post up today, even though I haven’t had a lot of time to think about it or write anything spectacular.

From the personal side, Fiona woke to find the Easter baskets on the dining room table. At the corner of the table there was a small pile of black jelly beans; Easter Bunny Poop. It must be that our Chocolate Lab started the Easter Bunny. As noted before, next week will be a very busy week, so I shall try to get some good rest before the week begins.

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The swamp

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Upcoming Events

As the first quarter of 2008 comes to an end, and hopefully March goes out like a lamb, there are plenty of political events going on that bear highlighting.

On Tuesday, the Shoreline League of Democratic Women will sponsor an Author-Book Event featuring "Chasing Justice" by exonerated death row inmate Kerry Max Cook. It will take place at R.J. Julia Bookstore on 768 Boston Post Rd in Madison.

On Wednesday at 7 PM at State Central Headquarters on 179 Allyn Street in Hartford, Delegates to the Democratic National Convention will gather to elect PLEO delegates and at-large delegates. At the same time at 55 Oak Street in Hartford, volunteers will gather at Common Cause offices to put Citizens Election Program candidate campaign kits. In Stamford, the Himes campaign will hold Pub Quiz III will take place at the same time at Bradford’s at 83 Bedford St.

Thursday, there will be an Art Show at the Ridgefield Community Center, 316 Main Street in Ridgefield. The art of Suzan Waldinger will be displayed and politicians from both the Democratic and Republican parties have been invited.

On Saturday, the Woodbury Dems will have their "Reds, Whites, and the Blues!" wine tasting and silent auction. It will take place at the Woodbury Senior/Community Center, on 265 Main Street in South Woodbury starting at 5:30. Also on Saturday, the Bethany Democratic Party will have its Spaghetti Supper where it will present this year’s Citizen of the Year Award to Art Slicer. The dinner starts at 6 PM at the Bethany Town Hall.

Sunday, at 2 PM, there will be a Health Forum sponsored by the Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition at The Unitarian Church in Westport at 10 Lyons Plains Road.

Then, to end off the month, on Monday, the 31st the Connecticut Delegation to the Democratic National Convention will meet to elect a chair, pages, and members of the standing committees, Credentials, Platform and Rules.

Additional CT Democratic Delegation Details

Slowly, more and more details are emerging about the Connecticut Democratic Delegation. From the First Congressional District, I receive an email from Becca Crosswaith. Becca wrote,

As a 19 year old sophomore in college, running for Pledged Delegate for Barack Obama I wasn't necessarily optimistic running against Val and Sophia, but wouldn't you know, after the recommended slate, each round I received more votes than any other candidate!!! At least in the first district, it seems like people truly are ready to let the youth voice be heard :)

From the Second Congressional District, I received details of the votes. In the first round, Robert Madore, the candidate endorsed by the Obama campaign received 50 votes. Jordan Jacobs came in a close second with 41 votes. Nick Soutter, Mark Donovan, and Stephen Wilmarth also received votes. In the round for the female delegate, Vivien Blackford received 73 votes to the 52 votes for Holly Soutter. In the final round for the second male delegate, Nick Paindiris received 52 votes and Jordan Jacobs received 39 votes. Nick Soutter and Mark Donovan also received votes in this round.

For a discussion of this caucus and the caucuses in general, please check Connecticut will send a Delegation to Denver on MyLeftNutmeg.

I’ve already written about the Third Congressional District here. The New Haven Independent has this article about the caucus.

The Fourth Congressional District also so some excitement in the Obama Caucus. State Representative Kim Fawcett ran unsuccessfully against the slate endorsed by the Obama campaign. State Senator Ed Gomes was nominated with an impassioned speech about why the caucus should have taken place in Bridgeport and outlining the many of the great things that Sen. Gomes has done for Bridgeport, Connecticut and the party.

Sen. Gomes thanked the crowd for the nomination, but encouraged everyone to vote for labor leader, Tom Wilkinson. Fairfield First Selectman Ken Flatto was also nominated, but Tom easily won the election.

I’m still trying to get more information on the different caucuses, so any details you can provide would be appreciated.

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