2018 Summer Intensive at CDSP: Saturday, Game Day

When I was a child, I used to enjoy doing cryptography with my father. We would read the latest issue of “The Cryptogram” together and trying to decode the various messages. Another fond childhood memory was treasure hunts. We would try to find something hidden, whether it was in Highlights magazine, a small silver tea pot that would hide somewhere in the room in plain side, or these complicated treasure hunts where one clue led on to the next. Years later, I became interested in gamification in education.

For me, yesterday was game day at seminary. While one of my professors was busy watching the World Cup, I was busy trying to decode various passages in Hebrew. Later, I went on a great treasure hunt at the library to find texts for my research paper.

I did find some time to also participate in non-schoolwork related gaming, and participated briefly in the Pokemon Go community day.

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