“And on the seventh day…”
but actually,
it was more like the thirty-fifth
we creators rested.

the Prime Creator
rested on the seventh day,
but those days
were more like eons.

In a week,
the Prime Creator
even us creators.

But we were not satisfied
with our creation;
we rebelled,
sought the powers
of Our Creator,
and were cursed.

In a weakened state
we cannot keep up
with everything
that needs to be kept up.

We read the news
each day
of wars and rumors of wars,
of floods and famines,
and of the Oppressor
always signing
one more executive order
to make things great
for his legions
and the expense of others
created in the Creators image.

We read the struggles
of our friends and neighbors
each day online;
of anxiety and depression,
of illness and of death.

We organize events,
for our jobs,
for our communities,
for our families;
too often,
too many.

on the thirty-fifth day,
it happens.
We have nothing scheduled.
We lie in bed
listening to the rain,
the birds chirping,
the pets seeking attention.

It seems,
out of habit,
we must arise
and do something
but we don’t.

We lie in bed,
resisting the temptation
and breathe in
the peaceful Sabbath air.

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