How am I Called to Embody Love in the World?

In the online course I’m currently taking, we have been asked to reflect on the question, “How am I Called to Embody Love in the World?” As I listened to the guided meditation for the week, the question came to me in a different form, what sort of light are you?

We were asked to think about where we feel called to show God’s love. My thoughts drifted among the homeless, the immigrants, the refugees, and those seeking asylum. I thought of those who are strangers among us because of differences in sexual orientation, expression, or gender identity. I thought of those who are strangers among us because they come from different cultures or look different from ourselves.

The reflective exercise invited us to

Take a few minutes to look through the newspapers or magazines and notice if any picture attracts you or stands out for you.

Yet even that question reflects different cultures. I often write about Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants by Marc Prensky. The exercise seems written for the digital immigrants, still reading the newspapers of the old world. Those of us who identify as digital natives, or, if you are like me, a digital aborigine, may find a different formulation of the question resonates more.

Look through your Facebook feed. What articles or pictures catch your attention? What did you chose to share on your feed?

I’ve written about this in the past and I’ll take a quick view of my Facebook feed today, trying to put it into the context of the course.

Sunday was the final service of the priest at the church I attend. She has been a wonderful priest for our parish and will be greatly missed. Her departure was met with the combination of sadness at her departure as well as joy for her and her family in her new adventure as well as for the church that is so fortunate to have her as their new priest. A friend shared a meditation from Henri Nouwen about “Bringing the Spirit Through Leaving” that I reshared with best wishes for our priest. I also reshared various posts from church and from the going away party for the priest.

I continue to share my poems. Two of the most recent ones are centered around grief, inspired in part, by a friend whose husband died a few months ago. Grief, and donuts.

There are posts from an automated feed about connected learning. There are posts about some of the inane comments by members of the current administration. There are posts about health care, racism, visiting detainees, and local politics.

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