“It wasn’t supposed to happen like this”
he thought as he crawled into his empty bed.
“We were supposed to grow old together.”

It had been like this every night
since his husband died a few months ago.

At first, he was incapacitated by grief
but slowly,
he managed to resume
some of the simple tasks of life.
Over the following weeks
he started relearning
how to live.

The death came
as unexpectedly
as their love;
an inter-racial
same-sex marriage
that broke just about
every taboo.

They had fallen in love
suddenly, impetuously
knowing that they could not live
without each other.

Their friends gathered
at the joining of two lives.

Then, just as suddenly
one half
of their shared life
came to an end
and the remaining half

“It wasn’t supposed to happen like this”

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