Camino de Pokemon Go

It is the Feast of St. James. I am back from vacation. Through a minor mishap, I was even more disconnected over the past week than I intended to be. Give all the bad news of last week, perhaps that isn’t so bad, but now I have so much to catch up on.

Yesterday, before heading home, I went to The Chapel of St. James the Fisherman in Wellfleet. Today, I read a little more about the Camino de Sanitago. In A Medieval Pilgrimage in Modern Times, Rick Steves writes about the pilgrims,

They seem very centered, content with the experience, and tuned in to the important things in taking time to talk with others.

It made me think of people playing Pokemon Go. There is so much more I want to write about St. James, about Pokemon Go, about #CLMooc. There is so much more time I want to take talking to others. There is so much more that I need to get done to dig out from this vacation. Yet I need time to get it all processed and written.

Another quote about the Camino comes to mind. Liza Gere wrote on Google Plus,

The camino provides. This is a theme I learned on my first journey on the Camino de Santiago. You find very quickly that your needs are covered and most times in miraculous and unexpected ways. So as I have been gearing up to leave there has been one…

Buen Camino

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