Blogging the Alphabet - Ingress Agent Stats

A long week comes to an end. There have been lots of things going on. Time demands, technology malfunctions, other stresses. I have various blog posts in partial completion, but none that I feel ready to complete this evening.

One idea, has been to reflect on what Chrome thinks I’m most interested in. Type a letter, and see what website Chrome thinks I want to go to. I’ve thought about doing an analysis of this, what percentage of letters go to what type of websites. But that would take more time than I’m up for, so instead, I’ll start blogging the alphabet, typing in a character, and using it for a blog prompt. If the blog prompt isn’t all that compelling, I may use a couple letter, or look at the other suggestions for a given letter.

So, let me start with ‘A’. The most common website for me beginning with the letter ‘A’ is This is a website that has statistics about various scores in Ingress, the augmented reality game I like to play on my cellphone. As an aside, this has not been a great week for playing Ingress either. I haven’t had good walking days, which may contribute to it being a long week.

For my agent stats, I am level 16. That is currently the highest level you can get in Ingress. I have 54 million AP. That a basic score used for getting to higher levels. In Agent Stats, there are close to 5000 agents who have reported an AP score. Two of them have scores over 300 million, and I rank at about 1000th.

I believe my highest ranking on these boards is for recharging, where I currently have 241 million XM recharged. That puts me at 129 out of about 2200. The highest is 877 million

Agent stats also calculates when you are most likely to get your next badge. On Sunday, I should get my Onyx sojourner badge, for hacking 360 days in a row. My next badge is predicted to be platinum liberator, which I should receive at the end of May.

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