#DigiWriMo An Altar in Cyberspace

On the first two days of #DigiWriMo, I managed to put together four different, fairly long blog posts. I haven’t stated goals, like 50,000 words for the month, a blog post a day, or anything like that. Instead, I’ve set off without any specific goals, other than to write and interact.

Today, I read through various posts and none of them particularly gave me grist for the mill. Probably the closest was Kyle Matthew Oliver’s blog post, #DIGIWRIMO POST: ONE WORLD, ONE LIFE IN THE DIGITAL CATHEDRAL. It was exciting to see another #DigiWriMo participant interested in topics like this, but I didn’t find anything that I felt compelled to react to.

My one random reaction was to mash up the title of two books, The Digital Cathedral, which Kyle refers to and The Cathedral and the Bazaar. The Digital Cathedral, The Digital Bazaar, and … What about the digital hermitage? The Digital Camino? Perhaps all of this returns to the discussions of cartography.

This weekend, I am going on a church retreat, and we’ll be reading a chapter from Barbara Brown Taylor’s book, An Altar in the World. Should I be thinking about An Altar in Cyberspace? I checked the book out of the library. It seems like I keep running across people suggesting I should read some of Barbara Brown Taylor’s books, so I’ll read a little now. Then, I really should try to get to the online book study group that I’ve barely been keeping up with.

Postscript: After writing this, I went to check Facebook and found a sponsored post from Amazon highlight The Posthuman and An Altar in The World. Clearly, Amazon is paying attention. Can we learn anything from this for a digital church strategy?