Upcoming Events Oct/Nov 2015

Years ago, I used to put up blog posts from time to time about various events I would be attending. Much of this was to promote conferences that I would be covering in my blog. In recent years I haven’t been doing that as much. However, there are a bunch of things coming up that I would like to highlight, so here are some of the events I’m interested in.

Oct 1:
American Red Cross Blood Drive at CHC in Middletown.

First Thursday Opening Reception: BIG Art; Tiny House. This is at the community arts center where my daughter Miranda works, and where she is building a tiny house. Friends in the Boston area should try to get out to this.

Pope Francis' Encyclical: Climate Change Evokes Moral Change Unfortunately, I can’t give blood, but both of the other events are really interesting to me. We’ll see if I can make it to either of them.

Oct. 2:
Folk Friday concert: Kim and Reggie Harris! as part of CT Folk in New Haven. Kim and Reggie Harris are two of my favorite performers at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, and this should be a great concert.

A Public Conversation at Yale Divinity School: Black Lives Matter. The odds are that I’ll just head home and go to bed early on Friday, but if I have the energy, I’ll probably go to the event at Yale Divinity School.

Oct 3:
Pledge-Per-Round: Knockout Domestic Violence. This is a fundraiser for New Horizons Domestic Violence Shelter, part of CHC. This is the second year we are doing this. I hope a lot of people participate.

I expect to be at home dealing with a family event. I am concerned about whether we will get heavy rain on that day, messing up both the New Horizons event and the family event.

Oct 4: The Feast of St. Francis
I don’t expect to do anything special for the Feast of St. Francis. Though I am excited about what is going on at my church that day. We will be having the second part of our community discussion about racism. The first part was really good and I’m so happy that my church is tackling this.

Oct 6: Fiona’s Birthday
I have jury duty on my youngest daughter’s birthday. I’ll do my civic duty and then come home to celebrate.

Oct 7:

#hcsmct Meetup. This is the monthly meeting of health care activists in Connecticut using Social Media. If this might apply to you, please consider attending.

Community Health Forum. This will take place at the end of the day up in Hartford, and I plan on going, presuming I’m not serving on a jury on that day.

Oct 10:
I plan on driving up to Boston to help with Miranda’s Tiny House and drop Fiona off for the weekend. It turns out that there is also an Ingress event in Boston that day, so I’ll try to work on the Tiny House for a while in the morning and then go to #Abaddon Flash Shards: Boston.

There is also a Saturday Morning poetry group that I would like to attend on that day, but I just don’t think I can make it.

Oct 16:
FOCUS – Fighting Our Cause – Undoing Stigma Against HIV/AIDS

Oct 19:
CT Health Second Listening Event is 10/19 in New London

Oct 29:
Reform to Transform Summit: Sparking Bold Action conference.

Nov 3:
Municipal Election Day in most of Connecticut. Woodbridge had its elections in May, so I’m not currently working on a campaign, but if I can make time, I’ll try to help with some of the local elections.

Nov 5:
(Save the date) The 5th Annual Town Hall Meeting on Health Disparities.

Nov 14:
Ingress XM Anomaly – taking place in New Orleans LA, Charlotte NC, and Pittsburgh PA. I may participate remotely.