After The Annunciation

What was it like
for Mary
in those days after The Annunciation,
before she felt the baby kick?
Did she have doubts?
Did she have fears?

What was the discussion like,
with Joseph?
“Honey, I think I’m pregnant.”

Did she have cravings?
Did she have misgivings?
Morning sickness?
Or worry about a miscarriage?

What was the time like
with Elizabeth?
Did they laugh
and compare notes
about their pregnancies?’
Did they share any fears?

What about you,
in your times of great change,
when God is at work?

“It’s not the same”,
we might think.
“We’re not like Mary.”
But maybe Mary wasn’t either,
before The Annunciation.

We might even convince ourselves
that God doesn’t work like that

So, do we recognize the Lord’s hand
or voice?
Do we have doubts, fears or misgivings?
Can we hear
the messenger of the Lord
“Shh… Be still… Be quiet”?

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