What I’m Thinking, 12/30/2014

It is the penultimate day of 2014 and I’m working on getting my writing, and reading, groove back. I am tired after a long day at work. In different parts of the house, other family members are watching various television shows. I’ve fled to my bedroom in hope of getting enough peace and quiet to concentrate, read and then write.

Yesterday, I attended a funeral. Today, as I read the daily office, I am again confronted by the words of Isaiah, “the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from all faces”. Today, one friend posted about his sister’s stage IV cancer. Another friend posted that her husband will be extending his trip to Sierra Leone where he is caring for Ebola patients. A third friend rejoices in her meal after having cataract surgery. The newsfeeds post about flight QZ8501 which crashed over Indonesian waters. There are many tears to be wiped away.

Meanwhile, I continue to read from OpenCulture. They have had a couple interesting pieces on the nature of creativity which I’ve read and plan to read again. I’ve also watched some videos about Cities in Cinema. Slowly, I’ll watch more of these as I try to set a course for 2015 mingling compassion, creativity, and the daily tasks of life.

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