And so, 2013 comes to a chilly end. As I emerged from sleep, I was dreaming about walking. We were staying at a beach house out on Cape Cod. We had presumably spent the day at the beach and were walking back to the beach house. There were a lot of people walking. There were discussions about how the roads and pathways were being developed and I walked through areas that were designed for cars but not pedestrians.

It was a far cry from Thoreau’s walks on Cape Cod, but it may be that his wanderings were influencing mine. Last night, I read Virginia Woolf’s essay on Emerson. I was tired and it felt like drudgery, a feeling I sometimes get when reading about the Transcendentalists. I can’t imagine convincing people influenced by todays media to sit down and read about the Transcendentalists. It feels a little too much like telling, not showing.

So, I started wandering online. The night before I had watched YouTube videos of poetry slams. These seemed more compelling, but I was looking for something different last night. My thoughts often come back to Lacan and I did some searching about him. I drifted into Kerouac and automatic writing, to Wilhelm Reich and orgone and back around through surrealism.

Perhaps I should work on automatic writing. Perhaps I should add touches of the surreal to my writing. It has always been appealing to me, but a bit daunting. What would people reading this think if they read some tepid attempts at surrealistic automatic writing?

It gets to another issue I face when I write for my blog. I started this blog, originally, as a place to gather together things I was writing for other online sites. Slowly, the blog started getting regular readers and I wondered, and still wonder, how much I should just focus on my writing and how much I should focus on what is being said and how my readers will receive it.

This thought has been amplified as I think more about being digitally deliberate, analyzing the intent and impact of what I post across social media. As you read the ‘experts’ on social media, many seem highly focused on audience, how to build it, how to keep it.

Yes, I would like more people to read what I write, but more importantly, I’d like more people to struggle with thoughts my writing has evoked.

I had not made it back to the beach house before I awoke, so I have more wandering to do, oth in my dreams and in my writing. Perhaps 2014 will be a year of wandering.

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