Speaker of the 113th House of Congress

After Boehner's Plan B failed, reliable sources have started talking about the possibility that Boehner might not be elected speaker of the 113th Congress. For example, Breitbart House Republican members circulate plan to oust Speaker and Wonkette has Scoop! Paul Ryan To Be Next House Speaker, According To Some Secret Random Dude Who Gossiped To Laura Ingraham.

The Breitbart article talks about having a secret ballot to see who would become speaker. Then, conservatives would abandon Boehner and in subsequent ballots, a true conservative could be elected. The people behind closed doors talk about the concern that Pelosi might get elected speaker, but dismisses saying that there wouldn't be seventeen Republicans that would cross the aisle to vote for her.

Yet there is a more interesting possibility. Let's imagine there is a secret vote, and Boehner doesn't get the speakership in the first ballot. It might be that he'd get it on a second ballot after the protest is registered. But, is there another option that might work? What if some moderate Republicans got together with some of the more conservative Democrats to form a "bipartisan governing coalition", similar to what happened in the New York State Senate?

Would a Republican who agrees to do away with the Hastert Rule have a chance at providing the sort of leadership that Boehner has failed to deliver? Are their members of congress from both sides of the aisle talking about what they might be able to do together if Boehner doesn't get re-elected as speaker of the house?

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