The End of the World (As We Know It)

I was having a really weird, mid-apocalyptic dream. I believe Kim and I were living in New York City and headed off to a museum in the Bronx. We stopped at one museum, saw some friends, got on a bus and kept on going. At one place, we stopped to see the remains of an old building where my brother sometimes stayed when he wasn't living on the boat.

We started talking with this young woman and she agreed to drive us up to the museum. We rode through run down streets. As we got close to the museum, we stopped to visit a friend of hers. There were many people in the trashed apartment, good people, who had struggled hard in the Bronx. We had something to drink, chatted, and as we prepared to leave, cue 'Hotel California', we found that we had already died. That this was our afterlife, and we could never leave.

Yet it didn't feel like we had died. We were just at a gathering somewhere.

The alarm went off. I looked at the clock. 6:00. In twelve minutes, it would be the solstice, for some people, the end of the world. Outside, the wind was howling. I figured I could spend the last twelve minutes of the old b'ak'tun snuggling warmly in my bed.

As I got out of bed, I thought, what if the 'apocalypse' has happened? What if everything has changed? Yes, I don't feel any different, the routines haven't changed, but what if something else has, something imperceptible?

My mind went back to the old saying about, what the caterpillar views as the end of the world, the butterfly views as a new beginning. Every day is the opportunity for a new beginning, so let's make this a positive apocalypse.

I checked on Facebook to see what my friends were saying. They were talking about being more involved in their community and their government. People were challenging the NRA to represent the four million members, moms and dads, in their organization, and not the gun sellers. You cannot serve both God and Money. Perhaps that is the real message of Sandy Hook.

Various songs play through my mind as part of the apocalypse play list. Soon, I will shower, and head off to a job I love, a job where I get to use my words to try and help people live healthier, happier lives. Perhaps this is the apocalypse, getting more people to be driven by love for their fellow living beings and not by love for money.

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