Random Campaign Notes

It has been a very busy 24 hours with no slowdown in sight. Yesterday, I toured the Air Handling Systems shop in Woodbridge and had a great discussion with the owner, Jamie Scott, and a representative from CBIA. My opponent has been endorsed by CBIA, and in the last session voter with them 100%. In terms of winning votes, this might not have been the best use of my time. However, it is important for me to hear all sides of the issues, and Jamie is a great spokesperson on behalf of manufacturing in Connecticut. He's also very tied to the community, which is another issue that is important to me.

My opponent has also been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, which also reports that she has a perfect voting record on their issues. In her advertisement in the Woodbridge Town News, she describes herself as a small business owner, but she's a lawyer who's been in the legislature for 14 years, so I'm not sure what small business she's talking about.

I've been working for businesses and non-profits for most of my career. I'm unlikely to have a 100% voting record from anyone because I expect to struggle with each issue instead of just toeing the party line. However, I'm not afraid to post information about myself. A friend who saw my opponents ad noted that it didn't mention that she's the seven term incumbent, or that she is a Republican. My ad explicitly states that I'm the Democratic party candidate.

After my tour of Air Handling Systems, I went out to lunch with my campaign manager to discuss strategy for the final weeks of the campaign. While we were there, members of the Red Hat Society showed up for lunch. I took a few moments to speak with them, to share my latest palm card with them, and to pause for a picture. I hope to have pictures of both events up on my campaign website soon.

I am now off to the CT Heath Leadership Fellows Retreat. I look forward to the things I'll be learning at the retreat and I believe it will make me an even stronger candidate, especially on health policy issues. I'll be unavailable to campaign much of this weekend, but hopefully will get a little time here and there. I hope some of my supporters will also get time to campaign for me. Not only have my new palm cards come in, but my lawn signs are in as well and I hope friends will start putting up the signs this weekend.

Meanwhile, things remain very busy at work, so I've been up early to make sure as much is handled there as possible.

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