Random #ctdems #ctsen thoughts

Running about half an hour behind schedule. Lots of old political friends schmoozing. Martha Aasen from Westport leads the pledge of allegiance, and gets cheers from the Westport delegation.

Lots of pictures going up on Twitter, with the #ctsen and #ctdems hashtag.

Checked in on Foursquare.

Sure could use some more coffee.

Having a fun time. Bit of a rush, trying to chat with friends, blog, tweet, etc.

Mayor Tim O'Brien welcomes everyone to the convention. Does a plug for Capitol Lunch and jokes about how good the food in New Britain is, and how he has the girth to show it.

After that, many people seem to be tuning out his speech.

Rumors are that Rosa has about 20% of the delegates coming in, and the question for Team Murphy is whether he can peal off 5% to deprive Bysiewicz the 15% she needs to get on the ballot without petitioning.

The list of dignitaries brings various levels of applause. From my seat, it sounds like Murphy and Courtney got the most applause, followed by Malloy.

Chris Donovan comes next on the applause metter, followed by Kevin Lembo and Brendan Sharkey. Next on the applause meter are Larson and WIlliams.

Various municipal leaders get some level of applause.

About half a dozen events before the Nomination of Candidate for United States Senate.

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