Change and Stasis

Life is what happens while you're waiting for something else to occur, or so it seems these days. I drove to work in the usual way. I tried to keep my eyes open for the unexpected, or at least for moments of beauty that it is reasonable to expect these days. The flowers; spring's first gold, are still around, though the land is dry.

I've been watching YouTube videos of poets reading their poems at festivals across time and across our nation, it helps me to stop and look a little more closely. Yet my life is still dominated by waiting expectation. It seems like we should be in Advent and not Eastertide.

Projects at work proceed, with important events drawing near. At home, we wait for news about our impending move. How will the timing work out? I look at the grandfather's clock, as the weights sink closer to the floor. How many more times will I hoist those weights before it is time to move?

In the evenings, I distractedly visit various websites. I scan the news and social media in hope, and sometimes in fear, of the sign of times to come. And while I expect important changes imminently, and while others talk about the end of time, I don't expect the changes I will see to be cataclysmic.

No, the more things change, the more they stay the same. My mind wanders to absurdest plays and poetry reflecting on change and stasis.

If is happening around me. Hopefully, I can manage to see it and take it in.

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