Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Palm Sunday, April Fool's, and #hcsmct

Another month comes along, the cruelest month. I start off with the typical childhood invocation for good luck. There is a lot going on this month and next and it will be interesting to see what they bring. Memory? Desire?

Today was also The Sunday of the Passion, commonly called Palm Sunday. At church, we processed with palms down the street shouting Hosanna. Friends suggested other chants, "What do we want? The Messiah! When do we want him? Now!" Perhaps the triumphant entry into Jerusalem wasn't all that different from marches today.

The weather participated nicely. It was triumphantly sunny as we headed out for our procession at the beginning of the service, but by the end of the service, after reading the Passion and returning outside to gather around a large wooden cross, the weather had turned grey and dismal.

After church, Fiona and I went over to the local school where residents had gathered to help build a new playground. Unfortunately, we got there late and didn't get to help as much as we would have liked.

In the evening, we did Fiona's Radio Show, and now we are winding down the first day of April. I did take a little time to look at the various April Fool's jokes online. Being an old amateur radio operator, I liked the Google Tap prank. Setting up your phone to use Morse Code as input. It actually makes a bit of sense, although the way people have set it up does really work for people experienced in Morse Code. I looked around and there are some Morse Code apps for smartphones. I might play with some of them sometime soon.

I also really liked the eight bit Google maps. I played with those briefly today as well.

Wrapping up my thoughts for the day, there is a health challenge going on to get people to write about health issues every day for the whole month. I'll mention a few different things. First, the monthly Health Care Social Media Connecticut breakfast is tomorrow morning at The Grove in New Haven at 7:30. If you are interested in using social media to improve health in Connecticut, please try to swing by.

Folks that will be there will probably include someone for the Connecticut Health Foundation. Tomorrow is the last day to apply to be a Health Leadership Fellow. One of the groups associated with the CT Health Foundation is Health Justice CT. They just announced the winners of their Health Justice CT challenge.

Well, I guess that's it for today.

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