Flickr and Beyond

Today, Mashable reports that Flickr is getting a makeover to make it look more like Pinterest. This caught my attention, because recently there has been an upsurge of interest in photo sharing sites over on Empire Avenue.

It started off with a discussion about how to maximize people's Instagram scores on Empire Avenue. However, Instagram is currently only available for iPhone users, and this left out a bunch of people, so some of the discussion shifted over to Flickr.

With that, I've picked up about a dozen new contacts in the past couple days. (If you're interested, please connect with me at I've received and place more comments in the past couple of days than I have probably over the years on Flickr.

I'm also spending a lot more time looking at other people's photos. There are some really good ones, and I'm trying to figure out how best to tie together what I am seeing and talking about there with my other social media presences without becoming duplicative.

I often comment about being much more of a textual person than an image oriented person. It will be interesting to how this shifts.

So, are you doing new and exciting things with images? How do you decide whether to share the images on Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, or other sites?