Random Thoughts, Dreams and other Constructs

Something recently, I can remember what, got me thinking about semiotics, and for the past few days, I've been reading bits and pieces here and there about semiotics, structuralism, post-structuralism, and related topics. I've probably read enough to muddle up some thoughts, and I should really wait until I'm not so tired, have had a chance to read more, and given my thoughts more of a chance to coalesce.

To pull another theme in, today, there were several disparate cases where the issue of bullying appears to have been confronted and it has gotten me thinking again about parallel processes.

All of this brings me back to some of my thoughts about neural networks, and the line I once heard about the self existing at the intersection of our internal neural networks and our external social networks.

Now, let me ramble for a little bit about my as yet, unorganized thoughts. What is the relationship between the signs, symbols and signifiers in our normal daily lives, in our online social lives, particularly if we are involved in virtual worlds, in our political lives, in our dreams, in our imaginations and perhaps beyond? How do the effect one another and interact?

Does this relate to parallel processes, some sort of group consciousness, some aspect of the social contract, and aspects of our creativity? How does this relate to group dynamics and social dreaming?

Where does constructionism fit in? Are we constructing our personal brands in social media, as we build our reputation in day to day life, and perhaps create other things, paintings, stories, books, out of our dreams? And for that matter, how do constructivist tools from our early education fit in, whether it be the logo programming language, Lego building blocks, or other building blocks of our creations?

I've had a really long day, and I'll head off to bed where perhaps these thoughts will continue to morph and find new shapes in my dreams.

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