Epistolary Blogging

Dear Bill,

Recently, I read yet another person bewailing who people don’t write letters anymore. I rolled my eyes and scanned the latest rants of the neo-luddite. Nothing in the screed was noteworthy or memorable, and I wouldn’t be writing about it, except for the thought that struck me. It is possible to write in an epistolary style online. It might even be an interesting blog experiment, if someone is up for it. Lacking such a blog writing pen pal, I thought if the next best thing.

I have various books that are collections of letters between famous writers. A few years ago, Kim got me “The Letters of Denise Levertov and William Carlos Williams”. They are two of my favorite poets and I thought, could I add myself into their letters? Could I respond to Denise Levertov in my own voice, as a response to one of her letters to William Carlos Williams?

As I glanced through the letters, they seemed filled with mutual admiration. It was very touching, really. Yet, they were not the sort of letters I would imagine myself writing or receiving. So, I’ll try to find one of my other collections of literary letters to see if I can find some material to work off of.

Do you have any suggestions? Write soon.

Kind regards,

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