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This week's Follow Friday was constructed with Follow Friday Helper and reflects several different discussion I've been involved with.

Starting off the list is @chc_wya. This is the Wherever You Are program at the Community Health Center which provides medical services to homeless and near homeless people in Connecticut. There is a new AmeriCorps member at CHC working with this program who will be doing a bunch with this along with the program director, and I'm excited to see them on Twitter.

Next up is @councilorcotto. I ran into him a few different times over the past week. We ended up at the same table at the Common Cause event last Saturday. At Sunday, I ran into him at the #OccupyHartford planning meeting, and then later in the week, I believe he was at the #HartfordVotes candidate's night, which Common Cause helped with.

Tweeting from the #HartfordVotes candidate's night was @heddahfeddah, a stalwart of Hartford new media.

On Thursdays, I participate in a Tweetchat about community health centers called #chcchat. @nateosit is a regular in these chats and often has great insights to share. I don't believe I've given him a shout out recently, and it is long overdue.

Next are @annehthomas and @jon_boyer. These are people I've connected with via #EmpireAvenue. I met @meowsdiaries through some blogging group, maybe EntreCard, or something like that. @meowsdiaries uses Paper.li and mentions me from time to time.

Ending out the list is @chickenshackct which is what the name suggests, a chicken shack in Connecticut. They serve great chicken with dipping sauces. I first found them through a social media event and enjoy stopping to have a meal there from time to time.

So, that's my Follow Friday list for this week. Who are you following?

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