#digiday Social - Pregame

This morning, I'm sitting on one of the new Metro North trains on my way into New York for Digiday Social. It's a conference I've been to several times before, but this time several things are different.

Starting off, the train is different. It is shiny and new. There are power outlets at every seat. It is also packed, so I'm not next to the outlet. I'm using different devices this time. Currently, I'm typing on a MacBook Pro. I've always used beat up old PCs running either Windows or Linux. It is a nice device. I have a seventeen inch MacBook because I got this, in part for doing video editing. The larger screen is nice, but it makes the device a little bulky.

I still have my old Nokia N900 smartphone with me, but with that, I also have an HTC Thunderbolt, a nice Android device. My N900 only supports 2.5G on AT&T and is getting a bit beat up. The Thunderbolt supports 4G, when it can find it. It is fast, slick, and really nice for social media apps.

These new devices are related to a new role I am attending Digiday in. Other years, I've been there as a freelance blogger and consultant. This year, while I look forward to writing about the event on my own, I am also going as the Social Media Manager for the Community Health Center, Inc.. I'm looking forward to finding information that I'll be able to use at work.

As I sat on the train, I checked my emails, and found one about the new Wall Street Journal Facebook App, WSJ Social. The Journal did a great job with their iPad app and a look forward to exploring their social app.

There are several interesting presentations I look forward to. Shiv Singh, Head of Digital for PepsiCo beverages is always an interesting speaker, and Adam Kmiec, director of Social Media for Walgreen's Hypebusters Presentation: The Social Media Gravy Train Is Over sounds particularly interesting. Since I'm working in health care now, I'll be particularly interested in what he has to say.

A personal interest of mine has always been the role of gaming, and I have high hopes for the Keynote Conversation, Gaming and Social Media, with Electronic Arts SVP of Global Media Solutions, Dave Madden and Zynga's Global Director of Brand Advertising, Manny Anekal.

Finally, it will be time for cocktails, and I look forward to seeing many of my old friends from previous Digiday conferences. Now, on with the show.