Before Irene

So, we are back home in Connecticut after a week on Cape Cod. The storm didn’t really change our travel plans that much. The only real change was that we came straight home, instead of spending Saturday swimming on the Cape before driving the rest of the way home. We also used Google Maps and Traffic to bypass a section of Route 6 that they were reporting heavy traffic on. Instead, we took a leisurely drive through Sandwich.

It struck me, as I was driving that this was the flip side of a blog post I had written a few weeks ago. Back then, I had suggested trying to look at a local area as if you were on vacation. As I drove through Sandwich, avoiding the crowds on Route 6, I tried to local at the side streets with the eye of a local. As I thought about it, it seemed that in both cases it is about experiencing all the moment has to offer, both as a tourist and as a local, as a participant and as an observer. I held on to a bit of this during the drive home, but sections of rain put me into a ‘just drive” attitude.

At home, we spent a bit of time unpacking. I checked on various social media sites and joined a little of the discussions about Irene. Following an example of a friend, I posted a picture of our house before the storm hits. We’ll see what things look like afterwards.

During dinner, we watched a little bit of The Weather Channel. It didn’t really capture my attention. Back to the in the moment sort of thinking, it felt like The Weather Channel was sensationalizing the storm. Instead, I liked the personal reflections of friends online; pictures of an empty Grand Central, discussions about what will be closing when, and related topics.

Now, to surf a few more blogs as we settle in for the coming storm.

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