Conference Overload! #InternetWeek #pdf2011 #weitzman #chc2011 #gsmamha #healthapps

Well, next week, is Internet Week in New York (#InternetWeek). There are lots of interesting events as part of Internet Week, and last year, I spent almost all of Internet Week in New York. At the start of Internet Week, there is also Personal Democracy Forum (#pdf2011). In the early days, I used to always make it to PDF, but I haven’t been in a few years. Also, as part of Internet Week is the Digital Publishing and Advertising Conference (#dpac). I almost always make it to that conference.

However, this year, I will be at the 2011 Weitzman Symposium, Designing the Moment: Remodeling Health Care (#weitzman). Of course, if I could clone myself and be at multiple places at the same time, I’d really like to be at Community Health Centres: Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow (#chc2011). They have a neat Social Media Guide for their conference.

If we could throw in teleportation, I’d be at the Mobile Health Summit(#gsmahma) in Capetown, South Africa. If all of this wasn’t enough, I just learned about The Health Data Initiative Forum (#healthapps) being organized by the Institute of Medicine. They are doing something interesting. They are streaming it live and having viewing parties. You can get more information at Calling All Health Innovators: June 9th Health Data-Palooza Live.

So, I’ll catch pieces of what I can here and there.