Roku Channel Review

Yesterday, my eldest daughter was visiting me, so I spent a little time trying to find some new Roku Private Channels that she would like. The, today, I received an email from my brother who has just gotten a Roku and wanted my thoughts on different private channels. With that, let me provide a review, in no particular order, of some of the Roku Channels I’ve played with.

Let me start off by highlighting a few different websites that list Roku Private channels. StreamTV provides a introduction of Roku Private channels, its own list of private channels and links to a couple other good sites.

From the StreamTV site, there are two sections that I like. One is the listing of live news streams. These include Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN International, and RT America. There is also CNN, but I like to watch CNN International better. There is also Russian TV News English. I haven’t really checked closely enough to see the difference between RT America and Russian TV News English. One other international news streaming site that I like is NHK in English. I found it on a different site, and the NHK private channel code is, NHK.

It is also from the StreamTV site that I found RoksBox. This is a channel that lets you play media from your home network. I kicked this around a little bit, and it seemed pretty nice. However, it does have a registration fee if you intend to keep using it, and at least right now, I’m not expecting to use it that much. Since I set that up, there are some new local streaming channels that StreamTV lists, and I may go back and revisit those options again later.

One new local streaming option is IPTVMyWay. I did a quick look at it, and it might be promising if it can work with Linux boxes.

Another interesting list of Roku Private channels is The Nowhere man. This list seems to point mostly to prerecorded streams. There is a Nowhereman channel, that has links to a lot of different prerecorded shows. They also list an channel and a Roku Newscaster channel. Each of these channels seems pretty similar. I haven’t really gone through to see how much they overlap or what is one which channel. However, each of these channels seems pretty good.

StreamTV also points to TheEndless listing of private Roku channels. These include, Sirius|XM and The Sirius|XM channel had been flaky and I never tried it. I glanced at, but it didn’t really have any content I was interested. I’ve heard that sometimes you can find good stuff on, but haven’t seen anything good there yet.

My brother pointed me to Dragon Blogger’s post about finding roku private channels. It has a lot of the same channels that show up on other lists. It mentions the pod tv channel. I seem to recall looking at this and not being all that impressed. Perhaps because I’d spent time looking at a bunch of different channels that had similar content. It mentions the YouTube! channel, which is a great channel. It is probably the channel we watch next to the most. Most of our viewing is on Netflix. It mentions the Woot! channel. That really hasn’t been that interesting to us.

I also like to look at the Flickr channel, the Facebook channel and the Pandora channel from time to time and I’ve thought that a Roku for my mother might be good. We could set it up so she could see pictures and videos from various relatives.

As a final note, another channel that I like is TED tv. However, since most of the TED talks are also on YouTube, it is probably just as good to stick with the YouTube channel.

The other thing to remember is that you can only have about thirty channels, which seems to be a real limitation. So, I often delete one channel so I can add another. With that, my list of channels changes with some regularity.

All of that said, I don’t really watch that much TV and what I do watch is probably more eclectic than most, so you should really look at coming up with a good list of your own.

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