An Open Letter to DCF Commissioner Joette Katz

Commissioner Katz,

It has come to my attention that a group of adults are engaging in what appears to be a concerted and coordinated effort to compel a minor into an abusive and potentially dangerous environment and that they have attempted to draw the Department of Children and Families (DCF) into this effort.

Specifically, Michael J. Frechette, Charles Marqua, Diane M Niles, Theodore V. Raczka, Christine Chinni, and others are attempting to compel Monique McClain to return to Woodrow Wilson Middle School.

As an independent investigative reporter and blogger, I have reviewed police records and other information that documents a pattern of abuse and potential danger to Ms. McClain at the Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Middletown, CT. The evidence I have seen leads me to believe this has not been adequately addressed and any effort to compel Ms. McClain to return to Woodrow Wilson Middle School may in fact constitute endangering a minor.

The efforts to compel Ms. McClain to return to this environment is also well documented. Newspaper articles and other information indicate that the school has failed indicate that Ms. McClain’s absences have a good excuse, and instead, they have reported her to DCF as a habitual truant for having too many unexcused absences. It has also been documented that the school district has failed to provide the class work that Ms. McClain is missing and has requested, even when a State Marshal appeared to gather such class work. All of this appears to be a concerted and coordinated effort to compel Ms. McClain to return to an abusive and dangerous environment.

I ask the DCF to carefully investigate this to see if the named parties are in fact acting in a concerted and coordinated effort to endanger a minor.

While I am not an expert in child welfare, it is my understanding that a remedy often used when an adult is potentially endangering a minor is to have a restraining order placed prohibiting any contact between the adult and the child. Since the named parties are administrators at the school where they are attempting to compel the minor to return, it would appear as if any such remedy would require that the school district find a different school where Ms. McClain can obtain the education she deserves.

Beyond that, it would appear as if DCF should determine whether or not it is in the interest of the children of Middletown to allow the named parties to continue in rolls that give that place them in authority over other children.

Please let me know what DCF is doing to protect Ms. McClain and other students in Connecticut schools where bullying is an issue that is not adequately being addressed by the schools administration.

Aldon Hynes