Random Notes

So, recently, I received an invitation to Diaspora. I have logged in and looked around. It looks a bit better than the early version I had run on one of my servers, but it is still pretty primative. I have a few invitations and a friend is writing about it, so I gave her an invitation.

I also logged into Jumo a while ago. On Quora, I asked if anyone is doing anything interesting with Jumo and got no response. I haven't been back there very often.

NACHC has set their own social networking site, Health Center Voice. It actually has a little stickiness, with various tasks to do to promote health centers, and badges and points you can win. Pretty nice.

I received a book that I've been asked to review, a medical thriller. Sounds interesting, but I don't really have the time, so I want to load it on my wife's Nook. Unfortunately, it was sent as a word document and not as an epub book. So, I've been playing with Calibre to convert documents to epub format. It looks like it has worked and I've loaded the book on my Nokia N900. I'll load it on my wife's Nook later.

Had an interesting day learning more about electronic medical records. Lot's to write on that when I have time.

More later...

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